30 05 2019

Tailcoat prototype

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve finally made a calico prototype for the tailcoat my friend has commissioned me a few years ago. The reason it’s taken so long is mainly because I’ve never made a jacket before and it was going to be a challenge for me. Since this particular friend always has something for me to make, this one got put off until it became the priority.

The order was to design and create a feminine tailcoat. The body and arms are relatively fitted and the hem draws a smooth curve from the cut off front to the knee length tail. It has a shawl collar and is double breasted. The final design might be altered but here it is to start with.

I used scrap calico where I could as long as it was symmetrical so there’s a subtle patchwork effect which I quite like. You can see it better in the close up photo of the lining. The four gold buttons are spare regimental buttons I had, but don’t know why I have them. The skirt is just a sample circular skirt I styled the jacket with and not part of the garment.

02 11 2018

Clown costume

Happy belated Halloween! I’ve made a clown outfit for myself this year. It’s inspired by Pierrot, the sad clown wearing a loose white costume with details in black. I didn’t have much time so I didn’t make a prototype to test the pattern but it turned out okay by combining and adjusting existing patterns for garments I’ve made in the past.

The white shirt is made with light weight cotton with a polka dot texture. The double layered collar uses a Swiss dot cotton fabric for the top layer and is trimmed with black satin ribbon. The cuffs are elasticated and frilly with matching ribbon trimmings. There are 2 handmade resin buttons under the collar with “M” and “S” buttonholes and 2 fabric pom-poms attached above press on buttons made with black fabric strips.

The diamond patterned trousers are made by patchwork using black and white cotton. The waist is elasticated and the hem is slightly pleated into the black binding for cuteness. I’ve included a photo of the reverse side of the trousers so you can see what’s going on on the other side of the diamond pattern, which is an interesting pattern as well. Hope you like it!

27 09 2018

bright red boat neck dress

Hello, I am still alive. Here is a simple fitted dress I’ve made for my friend on commission as she wanted a bright red dress. It was my first time making anything with a zipper, I think. The baby blue version is the prototype I made first with spare cotton fabric. The final version has a wider neckline and a shorter skirt. Made of 100% viscose fabric.

04 02 2018

sheer black shirt dress

Here is a dress I have made recently on commission. My friend liked the black crinkle chiffon with tiny flocked stars I used for the witch costume and asked me to make a maxi shirt dress out of it. The design is kept simple and doesn’t have much detail to describe but it has slits on both sides for ease of movement as she asked for a slim fit. I was originally looking for star shaped buttons in metal to go with the pattern but those clear iridescent domed buttons caught my eye. I thought that the rainbow sheen would look pretty in contrast to the black fabric. I’m more of a mini skirt/dress person with a girlie taste so this dress is different from my style but hope it looks nice and elegant.

18 01 2018

calico shopper

Happy New Year! It’s time to blog about these calico shoppers since I’ve finally managed to give them out as Christmas presents. These bags have the same structure as typical supermarket bags we now see less of. The pattern was made following one of the plastic bags I had. I’ve used contrast colour cotton fabrics as linings and added initials to one side using iron-on gold foil. The font of the initials is the same as the one I use for the branding of “Minus Sun”.

18 12 2017

dolly eyepatch and hopeless necklace

Hello, here are some things I’ve actually made last year for different friends but forgotten to put on my blog. The first one is an eyepatch for a friend who likes experimenting with dressing up and make up in her room alone. The eyepatch itself is embroidered in red with running stitch, a cross in the corner, and words “your dolly” on her request. The straps are in pink fabric with elastic inside. The second one is a necklace which was originally a sample when I was designing the series of hopeless bracelets. It’s made with plastic beads and hand crocheted silk yarn. I didn’t do necklaces for sale in the end but decided to give it to a friend who liked the idea and added bright pink bows to suit her colourful style. In both of these pieces, I like the combination of sweet&sad.

11 12 2017

Witch costume calico ver.

Hello, here is the calico version of the witch costume I’ve made for Halloween this year. It’s basically the sample/prototype I’ve made before making the final outfit. It’s almost the same in style except that I’ve skipped the inner skirt and the pleated trimmings along the chest. For the final version, I’ve made the sleeves longer and the bodice slightly more fitted. I’ve made a sample hat with a felt-like wool fabric as well so I guess I have a white witch outfit here. Although there’s something lovely about clothes all made in cream coloured calico, I couldn’t resist making the buttons in mint green because I wanted to highlight the row of many covered buttons narrowly spaced along the front centre. I think it’s very cute and hope you like it too.

01 12 2017

Witch costume final ver.

Hello, it’s a bit late but I’d like to show you what I’ve made for Halloween this year. I went with a classic witch outfit as I thought my hair would work well with it. This outfit is just one piece although it uses quite a few different types of fabric. The bodice is made of cotton sateen with pleated neckline trimmings made of light weight cotton and opens at the front with many covered buttons. The sleeves with elasticated ruffled cuffs and the outer skirt(the gathered bubble skirt) are made of star patterned polyester chiffon. The under skirt is made of silk organza. I think the balance of the fitted bodice and the voluminous skirt and the combination of different fabrics in black have made it an exciting piece. Of course, I’ve made the hat with matching fabric as well. Hope you like it.

13 10 2017

tie made from Japanese chirimen fabric

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve been busy with my side job but I’ve been making a few things so here is one of them. It is a tie I’ve made for an actor friend as a birthday present. Most of the things I make are girlie so it’s a bit hard when I try to make something for men but luckily, my friend is a fashion monster. He can pull off this pink tie made from Japanese fabric with no problem. The fabric was something given by a relative and it was about 1m x 1m. I had it for years because I don’t use any Japanese fabric in my own work. I am glad I’ve finally made use of it and turned it into a great looking tie. The same fabric is used for the lining and the keeper loop. Bullion knots in red are stitched at the back of the tie near both ends.

30 04 2017

commissioned silk noil T-shirt and bunny

Here is a commissioned silk noil T-shirt and a stuffed bunny I have made as presents from my friend to her boyfriend. They are both made with the same cream coloured silk noil fabric with baby blue stitching. The T-shirt has dashed lines at the hem and stitched with “keep me” on the inner neckline. The bunny is stitched with “your pet”. As I know my friend’s character, I thought it was very sweet although it might seem like heavy messages. Apparently, her boyfriend was so moved with the presents that he was almost in tears so that’s good to know!