03 12 2013

Selvedge Winter Fair 2013

Here are some photos of my stall at Selvedge Winter Fair which was held at Chelsea Old Town Hall 29th-30th November. There were so many exhibitors with exciting things. I wish I had more time to shop as a customer. Thank you very much to those who visited me there. Hope to see you soon at another event!

my simple display with jewellery, accessories, cards, books, and clothing
selvedge (26)

embroidered buntings and resin teardrops with sequins inside
selvedge (29)

handmade clothing all from “minus the sun, night all day” collection
and T-shirt with illustration of “You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” collection
selvedge (28)

jewellery and accessories on my shoe rack and character postcards on the table
selvedge (30)

embroidered calico crown and resin cufflinks
selvedge (32)

crocheted beaded silk rings and earrings
selvedge (33)

embroidered cuffs and crocheted beaded silk necklaces
selvedge (34)

crocheted lingerie set, greeting cards, fabric story books, and the printed edition
selvedge (27)

business cards and promotional postcards
selvedge (31)


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