28 07 2012

for my brother’s shop

My brother is opening his book/handicraft shop in Tokyo and I have been commissioned to make a few things for the shop. His shop is called “Entrebox”, a word made up by him combining “Entreprenuer” and “box”. The shop stocks mainly secondhand books related to starting up your own business. Also there are some shelves(divided into squares=boxes) which designer-makers can rent to sell their work. And of course I have my own section to showcase my work!

This is the apron for the staff. It’s only my brother at this moment but the one I’m wearing here is a smaller size which I’ve made for the future when he hires a cute girl. It’s made of heavy cotton drill in blue grey. Big pockets at the front, chest pocket, adjustable neck and waist ribbons.

The neck is adjustable by letting the ribbon go through the loop at one side and making a knot. The chest pocket is in the shape of the logo of the shop, a box with the shop name. You can acutally use it as if putting something in the box.

The shop name is hand embroidered. It is in Japanese but it says “Entrebox”.

This is the open/closed sign for the door. It is made of cotton fabric and grey herringbone ribbon to hang.
On the left of the words are two pockets with arrow-shaped cutouts. You can change the sign by moving the grey card from one pocket to another like this!

close up of the sign, hand embroidered “open” and “closed”

The back side of this sign says “break time” in Japanese for my brother’s toilet/lunch break.

This is a tissue box case for the shop. You never know what will make a shop special… This case is almost like origami but with cutout for the tissue of course and covered buttons for the lid section. I have also embroidered “tissue box” in Japanese because it goes well with the shop name “Entrebox”.



for my brother’s shop — 2 Comments

  1. I just love your tissue box, that you made for your brothers shop. I would love to go shopping there. There is just no end to your talent.

    • I really like the tissue box as well. My brother’s shop is tiny and not very fancy at this moment but hopefully it will be more interesting by the time you have a chance to visit!