19 04 2013

the Self-Conscious Girl’s dress final ver.

Here is the final version of the Self-Conscious Girl’s dress of “minus the sun, night all day” collection. Her style is quite girlie and louder compared to the other girls’ since she likes dressing up, looking good, and taking care of herself.  Same to the calico version, the neckline is a deep V neck, front and back.  The skirt is shorter at the front and longer at the back.  The hem is bound with the same red fabric used for the top panels to emphasise the hemline. The chest panels are embroidered with French knots using silk thread in dusk pink, light orange, and silver grey representing a cluster of stars.

I’ve made it with my leftover fabrics so there are 5 different fabrics used for this tie strap dress. The top panels are made with cotton sateen in dark red and lined with linen in dark orange. The tie shoulder straps are made with white cotton fabric with textured lines. The first row of the skirt is made with cream cotton fabric with silver lines and the second row of the skirt is made with plain white cotton.

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