12 04 2016

personal projects for a colourful friend

Here are some photos from my life of being a personal seamstress these days.

I had the opportunity to make a headpiece for the first time. My friend wanted some butterflies or birds around her head so I suggested putting both and also some flowers as she wanted something elegant yet bold. I sourced materials from ebay including a set of dozen paper butterflies, a pair of birds, and an Alice band with flowers all in red/orange tone. The rest was arts and crafts, wiring all pieces together and gluing pieces of felt to the base to make it look more like a headpiece. It was quite fun as I like making “things” not only clothes.

akiho (15)

akiho (16)

akiho (14)

My friend brought this beach sarong to me and asked to make it into a strapless maxi dress as she cannot be bothered to go through the process of wearing a sarong. So, here it is, elasticated at the top and waist with a slit at the back for comfort when walking.

akiho (11)

akiho (12)

akiho (13)

This dress is same as the typical pinafore dress I often make but my friend brought the white dotted green fabric to me.

akiho (8)

akiho (9)

akiho (10)