18 12 2017

dolly eyepatch and hopeless necklace

Hello, here are some things I’ve actually made last year for different friends but forgotten to put on my blog. The first one is an eyepatch for a friend who likes experimenting with dressing up and make up in her room alone. The eyepatch itself is embroidered in red with running stitch, a cross in the corner, and words “your dolly” on her request. The straps are in pink fabric with elastic inside. The second one is a necklace which was originally a sample when I was designing the series of hopeless bracelets. It’s made with plastic beads and hand crocheted silk yarn. I didn’t do necklaces for sale in the end but decided to give it to a friend who liked the idea and added bright pink bows to suit her colourful style. In both of these pieces, I like the combination of sweet&sad.

11 12 2017

Witch costume calico ver.

Hello, here is the calico version of the witch costume I’ve made for Halloween this year. It’s basically the sample/prototype I’ve made before making the final outfit. It’s almost the same in style except that I’ve skipped the inner skirt and the pleated trimmings along the chest. For the final version, I’ve made the sleeves longer and the bodice slightly more fitted. I’ve made a sample hat with a felt-like wool fabric as well so I guess I have a white witch outfit here. Although there’s something lovely about clothes all made in cream coloured calico, I couldn’t resist making the buttons in mint green because I wanted to highlight the row of many covered buttons narrowly spaced along the front centre. I think it’s very cute and hope you like it too.

04 12 2017

Christmas cards 2017

Hello, I’ve designed some new Christmas cards for this year as well. I have two designs, “Can’t talk so I write” with a girl lying down and writing a card and “Not my only wish” with a girl hanging on to a star ornament. The illustrations are outlined with a black pen, coloured in with colour pencils, and then placed on a dark navy background. The inside says “but Merry Christmas.” so it completes a sentence with the writing on the front. I’ve been adding 2 designs every year with the same theme since 2011. But this year, the girl has pink hair to reflect my hair colour. They come with silver envelopes and are suitable for those who are quite but with many thoughts in their head. Hope you like them!

01 12 2017

Witch costume final ver.

Hello, it’s a bit late but I’d like to show you what I’ve made for Halloween this year. I went with a classic witch outfit as I thought my hair would work well with it. This outfit is just one piece although it uses quite a few different types of fabric. The bodice is made of cotton sateen with pleated neckline trimmings made of light weight cotton and opens at the front with many covered buttons. The sleeves with elasticated ruffled cuffs and the outer skirt(the gathered bubble skirt) are made of star patterned polyester chiffon. The under skirt is made of silk organza. I think the balance of the fitted bodice and the voluminous skirt and the combination of different fabrics in black have made it an exciting piece. Of course, I’ve made the hat with matching fabric as well. Hope you like it.

20 11 2017

crocheted collar blouse and smocked bubble skirt

Hello, here are some clothes I’ve made for a customer’s order recently. They are the crocheted collar blouse in calico with handmade resin buttons which has been one of my most popular items and the cotton sateen bubble skirt with smocking details. Those were the first garments I’ve made this year and it took me months to finish them as well. My excuse is that I’ve been busy trying to make a living with my other jobs (plural) but it is quite embarrassing. However, I feel proud to have customers’ orders even if it’s once in a while and the sense of accomplishment is great after crafting the things I make with a lot of care. Hope you like them!

13 10 2017

tie made from Japanese chirimen fabric

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve been busy with my side job but I’ve been making a few things so here is one of them. It is a tie I’ve made for an actor friend as a birthday present. Most of the things I make are girlie so it’s a bit hard when I try to make something for men but luckily, my friend is a fashion monster. He can pull off this pink tie made from Japanese fabric with no problem. The fabric was something given by a relative and it was about 1m x 1m. I had it for years because I don’t use any Japanese fabric in my own work. I am glad I’ve finally made use of it and turned it into a great looking tie. The same fabric is used for the lining and the keeper loop. Bullion knots in red are stitched at the back of the tie near both ends.

04 07 2017

Kingston Artists Open Studios 2017

Hello, I am still alive. Apologies for the slow update but here are some photos from the Kingston Artists Open Studios event which was held over two weekends in June. The event showcased around 100 artists across 20 venues in Kingston area. I have exhibited my work with 8 other local artists in one of the artist’s lovely house. It was the first time for me to exhibit in a setting like this, different from craft fairs I usually do. This time, I put more focus on showing my storybook along with the character cards and some of my more elaborate clothing pieces since I expected new customers. I had a wonderful time meeting other artists and introducing myself to visitors. Hope you like how my work is displayed on a piano and a bookshelf.

30 04 2017

commissioned silk noil T-shirt and bunny

Here is a commissioned silk noil T-shirt and a stuffed bunny I have made as presents from my friend to her boyfriend. They are both made with the same cream coloured silk noil fabric with baby blue stitching. The T-shirt has dashed lines at the hem and stitched with “keep me” on the inner neckline. The bunny is stitched with “your pet”. As I know my friend’s character, I thought it was very sweet although it might seem like heavy messages. Apparently, her boyfriend was so moved with the presents that he was almost in tears so that’s good to know!

22 03 2017

Contemporary Textiles Fair 2017

I have been exhibiting at Contemporary Textiles Fair at Landmark Arts Centre last weekend, 17-19th March. Thank you very much to those who came by. It was lovely to meet new customers and exhibitors and saying hello to regular customers and fellow exhibitors from previous fairs I have done. Here are some photos from the event for you to remember or see how it was! I’m afraid I didn’t have much new work to show as taking part in the event was a last minute decision but I had some stock of scarves and collars back from Japan. I will let you know when I’m doing another event in the future. Hope to see you there.

09 02 2017

friend’s wedding photos

I recently woke up to a lovely surprise. My friend who had commissioned me to make a white linen dress in the past told me that she used it as her wedding dress! It’s a simple long dress with gathers and bought lace trimmings at the chest but it has become a proper wedding dress thanks to the flowers all done by the bride herself. Here are some beautiful photos taken by her sister. May they be happy forever!

Check out their Instagram to see their beautiful world.
My dancer friend: miholokahi
Her photographer sister: hachigraph