24 09 2020

Bow Tie Maid Dress Prototype

This is a prototype I made for a commissioned dress based on the maid dress I made before. It has a knee length skirt instead of a mini skirt and a bow tie instead of a collar. Details include pin tucks at the bust, rolled up contrast cuffs with fabric covered buttons, three tiered ruffles for the back skirt, and cotton ribbon trimmings.

It has a fitted bodice but it doesn’t have a zipper in the back so how do we wear this? My maid dress has a large pleat on both sides, starting from the shoulders. They open up when the strap at the back waist is unhooked and the dress becomes loose from the pit down. Personally, I don’t like the look of zippers on dresses because they look harsh and/or too bling. There are also fears of breaking and fabric getting caught so I avoid them unless it’s for activewear.

I combined 6 different fabrics in white, beige, and pink tones from leftover fabrics to use them up. They were not the colours or the colour/fabric combinations I would go for if I was fabric shopping but I think the result is successful. It makes me think of mocha and macarons, perfect for the tea and cake context.


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