28 03 2012

hair scrunchies

Here are the hair scrunchies I’ve made for the Selvedge Spring Fair coming this Saturday.

linen hair scrunchies with hand crocheted silk trimmings

I have done two types of trimmings

embroidered cotton hair scrunchie
this style has more volume when worn because of the frill

embroidery close up

knotted tie linen hair scrunchie with hand crocheted silk trimmings

close up of the trimming and Minus Sun original resin button
It has my hand written logo on graph paper trapped inside.

24 03 2012

the Smart Girl’s blouse calico ver.

This is the Smart Girl’s blouse in calico for my new collection. The hand stitch details are again, drawn in with a fabric pen and the handmade resin buttons are all with red sequins and sparkles inside.

crocheted collar with a ladder to match the running stitch on the pocket and the hem

breast pocket in the shape of the Great Square of Pegasus with stars at the corners and dashed lines to join them, which will be embroidered in the final garment
square buttons are used to go with this square pocket

the hem to be hand stitched in running stitch representing the movement of a star, a star will be embroidered of course (travelling around the hem!)

20 03 2012

the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress calico ver.

This is the calico version of the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress of my new collection. The embroidery details for the final version are drawn in with fabric pens instead. Colours are kept to black and red only for the calico version. Therefore the handmade resin buttons used for this one are all red. In the final one, buttons will be representing planets in different colours.

breast pocket has a detail of the waxing of the moon

The pattern used in various areas represents stars

pocket inside pocket and the cuff detail

The elbow patch which is actually hand stitched represents graduation for direction

16 03 2012

galaxy necklaces

Hello, I am still alive.
I’ve been busy looking for a job(no luck) and preparing for the Selvedge Spring Fair, 31st March.
I am working on a new collection of clothes and my theme is “minus the sun, night all day”. I will create a proper story to go with it but basically, it’s about the night and the night sky. A few garments are on the way but before them, here are the resin encased sequins and sparkles necklaces. On a silk string with matching colour beads by the clasp. There are only four of each and of course none of them are exactly the same.

red galaxy

gold galaxy

aqua galaxy