31 12 2012

calendar in fabric frame

This is a new item I have designed and made. I’ve been wanting to make a calender for a long time as I have a weakness for numbers. This is a unique one made with laid paper in cream colour and calico fabric. There is one long pocket at the top and two triangular pockets at the bottom to hold the papers. The year, month, and date are printed on paper and the days of the week are stitched onto the top part of the fabric frame. The idea is that you can use the fabric frame for years to come by just replacing the paper calendar. The numbers were stamped one by one using my handmade rubber stamps for the original copy.

The days of the week, stitched with red and black

The triangular pocket at the bottom corner

The calendar sheets with numbers and my logo at the right bottom corner which is hidden once in the frame

My handmade number stamps made with resin blocks and cut out elastic bands

18 12 2012

chunky crocheted hat

This is a hat I’ve made for my friend as a Christmas present. I’ve used a wool/silk/superkid mohair/polyamide mix yarn in cream colour (Rowan silk twist). Slightly fluffy and shiny. I doubled up the yarn and crocheted using my fingers instead of a crochet hook.