01 12 2017

Witch costume final ver.

Hello, it’s a bit late but I’d like to show you what I’ve made for Halloween this year. I went with a classic witch outfit as I thought my hair would work well with it. This outfit is just one piece although it uses quite a few different types of fabric. The bodice is made of cotton sateen with pleated neckline trimmings made of light weight cotton and opens at the front with many covered buttons. The sleeves with elasticated ruffled cuffs and the outer skirt(the gathered bubble skirt) are made of star patterned polyester chiffon. The under skirt is made of silk organza. I think the balance of the fitted bodice and the voluminous skirt and the combination of different fabrics in black have made it an exciting piece. Of course, I’ve made the hat with matching fabric as well. Hope you like it.


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