13 10 2017

tie made from Japanese chirimen fabric

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve been busy with my side job but I’ve been making a few things so here is one of them. It is a tie I’ve made for an actor friend as a birthday present. Most of the things I make are girlie so it’s a bit hard when I try to make something for men but luckily, my friend is a fashion monster. He can pull off this pink tie made from Japanese fabric with no problem. The fabric was something given by a relative and it was about 1m x 1m. I had it for years because I don’t use any Japanese fabric in my own work. I am glad I’ve finally made use of it and turned it into a great looking tie. The same fabric is used for the lining and the keeper loop. Bullion knots in red are stitched at the back of the tie near both ends.


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