28 04 2012

crocheted snood

This was another personal project for my friend who wanted a chunky crocheted snood. The wool she gave me was chunky so I used my finger to crochet instead of a crochet needle. It is knitted in a Mobius Strip so it has a single twist. This gives a nice volume when worn.

Wrapped twice around the neck

Hung on the neck, you can see the twist

close up of the loosely crocheted snood

22 04 2012

baby bib

This was my last night’s project for my friend’s baby girl.
It was received with joy today and she is on her way to become the best dressed baby girl.

Made with chambray cotton fabric in pale blue with hand crocheted cotton trimmings and soft cotton herringbone ribbon to tie at the back of the neck. It has her initial “B” embroidered with French knots at the front and my personal label with the date at the back.

The form of this bib with angles is inspired by vintage designs.

the embroidered initial in red

my label at the back, stamped on a vintage ribbon and hand stitched onto the bib

12 04 2012

the Smart Girl’s blouse

This is the final version of the Smart Girl’s blouse for my “minus the sun, night all day” collection. The calico version is here. I have made the hem and sleeves slightly longer and the cuffs narrower to make it look “smarter”.
I have used a textured stripe cotton fabric in pale blue for the main part and plain pale blue fabric for the breast pocket and cuffs.

The special buttons made for this blouse. Sequins and beads in pale blue are inside the resin. The number of gold sequins inside each button matches the position of each. For example, the second button from the top on the blouse will have two gold sequins. The Smart Girl likes to count, you see. The square shape is perfect to go with the breast pocket’s story mentioned below.

I wore it with my pleated skirt of my high school uniform here but I am planning to make my own pleated skirt to go with the blouse soon.

a close up of the cotton crocheted collar
The ladder lace section matches the running stitch on the breast pocket and the hem.

a close up of the back showing the collar and the inverted pleat below the yoke

The breast pocket is in the shape of the Great Square of Pegasus. There is a sequin and French knots around it at each corner representing the stars. Like the actual stars that makes the square, three of the stars shine in white/blue and one shines in red. Running stitch joins the stars to create the imaginary lines in the night sky. You can see the hand stitched buttonholes in this image as well.

The cuff’s fabric matches the breast pocket.

Hard to notice, but there is a sequin and French knots representing a star at the hem of the left front bodice (opposite to the breast pocket side). The hem is hand finished with running stitch representing the movement of this star.

06 04 2012

the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress

This is the final version of the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress of “minus the sun, night all day” collection. It is made of navy cotton drill. Threads used for embroidery and stitching are yellow and light grey. I would like to wear it as a dress but it can be worn like a jacket as it is quite tough and oversized. It has a different feel from the light calico version which looks like loungewear.

First of all, have a look at the special buttons I’ve made just for this shirt.
There are 6 buttons for the shirt opening and 2 buttons for the cuffs.
Embroidery, beads, and sequins are applied to calico and then cut out in circles.
Each represents a different planet.
from the left, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
top two are Uranus and Neptune from the left

the finished buttons, the above pieces trapped inside resin

And here they are on the finished shirt dress

I really like how the hem curves at the sides.

breast pocket with embroidery showing the waxing of the moon

flap pocket with star motif embroidery
This pattern is used for the collar and cuffs as well.

layered pocket

the hem finished with blanket stitch

circular elbow patch with stitching representing graduation for direction

the cuffs with green Uranus and blue Neptune buttons
You can see the hand stitched button hole as well.

03 04 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair 2012

I have exhibited at the Selvedge Spring Fair last Saturday. Thank you very much to those who came and are checking my blog now! For those who couldn’t make it to the fair, here are some photos I’ve taken.

This is my stall with jewellery and cards on the shelves, accessories and lingerie on the table, and garments on the clothing rail.

The shelf with jewellry and cards
Can you see my hand stitched price tags?

I have brought my handmade doll with me for display, leaning on the Minus Sun sign.

Greeting cards with photos of my work

accessories and lingerie


This is how it looked inside St. Augustine’s Church Hall.