12 11 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards ceremony

I had been shortlisted for the Unique Design category (there are five in total) months ago and I’ve finally found out the result this week. So, I didn’t win, nor was I selcted for the exhibition… But that doesn’t make me a loser as I am still one of the 45 finalists out of more than 2000 entries! The ceremony was held last Thursday evening at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf. I also went there the following day to see the exhibition but there were no actual works, just some images and video clips so the ceremony which had models dressed in the selected garments was more exciting for sure.

an article about the ceremony on Glam UK

We all sat on these big wooden spools.

There were about 10 garments on models but I think this one is my favourite as it uses crochet.
I don’t think there’s anything to do with the competition but I loved the styling they did. All the teen models were wearing cat ear alice bands. Arousing…for me at least.

It was a little disappointing that nothing was representing my work but here is the proof that I’ve made it to the finals. (My name is Yuka Maeda, in case you didn’t know.)

I have some posts with images of the work I’ve done for this competitions so have a look in the
Competitions category
I will probably enter more competitions so let me know if you find ones suitable for me!


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