05 05 2015

reversible stitched cuffs updated

The bestselling item of Minus Sun, the hand stitched cuff bracelets, now fasten with lobster clasps. It used to be snap buttons for a long time but I’ve heard from a few customers that it went missing while wearing them. Although I liked the all-fabric-look and the ease of wearing, losing them sounded very sad so I’ve decided to change the design. The metal clasps and rings are attached to the bracelet with cotton ribbon. The chunky clasps keep the design unisex.

They are available on my online shop.
“Are you okay? / I will be fine.”
“You’re all mine (You’re all in me)”

okay_cuff (1)

okay_cuff (2)

okay_cuff (3)

okay_cuff (6)

okay_cuff (5)

mine_cuff (1)

mine_cuff (2)

mine_cuff (3)

mine_cuff (6)

mine_cuff (5)


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