29 03 2013

the Dreamy Girl’s top and trousers calico ver.

This is the calico version of the Dreamy Girl’s look of “minus the sun, night all day” collection. I like to design sleepwear or loungewear for her because she likes to stay inside her dream. For this collection, it’s a set of a short sleeve top and a pair of 3/4 length trousers. The top has a crocheted hole at the chest and ribbons hanging around the neckline representing a dreamcatcher. The neckline, sleeves, and the hem are trimmed with cotton ribbon. The trousers have an elasticated waist with drawstring ribbons and cuffs which are going to be knitted in the final version.

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26 03 2013

The Startup Showcase

Hello, I am still alive. I’ve been exhibiting at The Startup Showcase at Somerset House last weekend. It was part of a business course for entrepreneurs in the creative area so it had over 100 various businesses showcasing their products/services. Thank you very much to those who are visiting my blog after seeing me there. For other lovely people who are reading my blog, here are some images of my exhibit.

the front view of my stand
startup (9)

the clothing rail and shelf
startup (7)

close up of the clothing, all newly made this year
startup (6)

the embroidered story book and the fabric case for my cards
startup (11)

close up of the girl
startup (10)

the full view of the shelf
startup (12)

trapped embroidery resin earrings, hair slides, rings, and cufflinks
startup (4)

trapped embroidery resin buttons
startup (3)

stitched calico bracelets
startup (1)

crocheted silk beaded rings and earrings
startup (2)

crocheted jewellry pieces
startup (5)

the first floor corridor
startup (8)