29 04 2015

Selvedge Spring Fair 2015

I have exhibited at Selvedge Spring Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall last Saturday. The fair was pretty busy and my stall enjoyed customers browsing through clothing, jewellery, and my embroidered story books. Thank you very much if you were there to see my work in person. Here are some photos for those who couldn’t make it. The next fair I’m doing will be Selvedge Fair in Stroud. I haven’t been there yet so I’m looking forward to visiting the area and showing my work to new customers.

selvedge15s (7)

selvedge15s (1)

selvedge15s (9)

selvedge15s (4)

selvedge15s (3)

selvedge15s (2)

selvedge15s (6)

selvedge15s (5)

selvedge15s (10)

selvedge15s (8)

15 04 2015

“Are you okay?” commissioned covered button coat

This is a commissioned version of the covered button coat. I had originally made this style for myself to wear at craft fairs but now I do made-to-order because I receive compliments when I’m wearing it. It is a simple calico coat with 3/4 sleeves, fabric covered buttons, side seam pockets and a pleat at the back. It is fully lined with lighter calico.

This commissioned version has a welt pocket on the left chest and embroidery details on the back in addition. The “ARE YOU OKAY?” embroidery on the yoke and the sitting girl figure on the right bottom are embroidered in navy. The logo above the girl and the brand name at the inside neck are embroidered in hot pink.

akiho (1)

akiho (2)

akiho (3)

akiho (4)

akiho (6)

akiho (5)

akiho (7)

akiho (11)

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akiho (13)

akiho (12)

03 04 2015

commissioned lingerie set for a mermaid

Here is another commissioned piece I’ve been working on for my hula dancer friend. Basically, she wants to be a mermaid and my mission was to make a set of embroidered lingerie with a mermaid theme. I hope you can see my effort in the design. She also wanted it to be okay to be seen outside so she can show off my creation! I chose a light orange cotton as the main fabric and strong pink for the front bra hook and the waistband loop at the back of the knickers.

The bra is replicating shells by having no undercup section and using a front hook. I also played with the bra cup pattern to have radial lines. I used an elastic band in a matching colour for the straps and gold metal parts to go with the warm tone. The top sections of the bra cups have sea themed embroidery using threads and ribbons. The knickers are elasticated at the back waist and the legs. The front waist section is embroidered with a mermaid motif and my label.

miholo (25)

miholo (21)

miholo (22)

miholo (27)

miholo (28)

miholo (29)

miholo (24)

miholo (23)

miholo (26)

miholo (20)

These are the calico samples I’d made first which are also lovely.

miholo (19)

miholo (16)

miholo (17)

miholo (18)

miholo (14)

miholo (15)