25 06 2012

collaboration blouse

This was a collaboration project with my friend and we finally finished after a few months since we started. We made matching blouses together copying some ideas from a blouse by Beyond Vintage, customising some details. I was in charge of the silk crochet part and she was in charge of making the pattern and sewing up the cotton silk fabric part. The crochet part is exactly the same for both blouses, dividing lines matching the raglan sleeve, trompe l’oeil peter pan collar, mini diamond pattern, lacy flower bud motifs, and picot edges.

My blouse is slightly fitted and has full length sleeves

My friend’s blouse has a loose silhouette with gathers at the chest and cuffs.
The sleeves are three quarter length.

pearl buttons and hand stitched button holes

cuffs are crocheted as well

our collaboration label “Minus Sun & My Mum Made” embroidered with silver thread on grosgrain ribbon

together, back to back

playing with my crocheted eye mask

A new bunting I have made.

17 06 2012

Circus’s 2nd birthday

Last Friday, my stockist in Brixton Village, Circus, celebrated their second anniversary. Some of the artists who sell their works at Circus have created limited edition works for the occasion. I have used my leftover crowns and buntings from the Diamond Jubilee and used alphabet stamps to change them into Circus items. Also, I have designed/created a new version of the embroidered cuffs I do.

Here is the little section with my works.

This is Circus’s original item, 2nd anniversary jute bags.
I did the “circus” stamps in the shape of “2”, literally in the shop!

I think my buntings&crowns go really well with the jute bags and Circus itself.

And this is the new cuff celebrating their B-day.
It is embroidered “How old are you?” on one side and “Circus xx” on the other side.
I used a scrap of linen fabric I had which resembled cardboard(Circus is a shop made of cardboard) with the stripes and colour. I have made 10 of these, now sold in circus. Hope you like it.

12 06 2012

the Cultured Girl’s dress

Hello, here is my latest piece from “minus the sun, night all day” collection. It is a simple dress with breast darts and no shaping at the waist. Made with navy cotton drill, baby blue and orange cotton fabric with crocheted black silk yarn at the hem with gold beads. The concept for this dress is a double star. A double star is a star consisting of two stars which are close (it looks like a single star from far away) and linked by gravity making then orbit around the same centre. I have used a famous double star called Albireo as the motif of the pockets. It is famous because of the colour contrast of the two stars, orange and blue. It is very interesting to learn about stars… It will be nice to have an astronomy geek as a boy/girlfriend.

Close up of the neckline
There are two cut out circles, one each for front and back. They are linked with a hand stitched dashed line in grey. I tried to represent how two stars are related to each other in a double star.

Close up of the neckline showing the hand stitched facing in blanket stitch

The two flap pockets representing the stars of Albireo, the orange one is bigger than the blue one. They are hand embroidered with the star inspired pattern in the same colour thread as the fabric. When you lift the flaps the inside is embroidered as well and the shapes of the pockets become complete circles.

Close up of the hem with silk crocheted trimmings in black with gold beads. I like the contrast of gold against the dark fabric making it remind me of the night sky.