14 02 2012

fabric doll prototype

Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m in love with her!

After I’ve realised that there’s no way for me to get a working visa while being self-employed, I felt very disappointed that I will have to stop selling my work when my visa expires in 2013. I will have to be employed or I will have to leave UK as well… Although I will continue stocking up my stockist and consider doing craft fairs until then, I lost some sort of motivation to make things for sale. So, this is what I’ve been up to, making a fabric doll for myself. When I don’t think about the price of my work, I can spend time as much as I want and make something really special. This is just a prototype so it’s not complete but here are the images of the process of making my doll.

First, I made a doll using air hardening modelling clay.
In this way, I can create the patterns for each part by moulding fabric around them.
I can also use it as a guide to compare it with the fabric prototypes of each part.

I have done about a hundred prototypes in total to get the patterns right. I tried to make my doll look like a ball-jointed doll with movable joints so it is made out of 15 parts. I paid attention to the curves of the body and tried many combinations of how to attach each section together and where the seams are.

And here is the finished prototype made with calico, filled with toy stuffing.

You can see that she is not flat but made with gentle curves.

The back of the body. She is very flexible and able to do many different poses.

Very cute, she can perch on my palm.

Maybe you’ve noticed already but her design is taken from my girl illustration.
This is it for now but I will blog again when I finish the final doll with her face and hair.



fabric doll prototype — 4 Comments

  1. Yuka, your doll is amazing!~ Did you hand-sewn all the parts?

    • Thank you Jackie, I’m glad you think so since it was hard work for me!
      Yes, all parts are hand sewn.

  2. hello yuka,
    i am so sorry to hear this news. I met you at the renegade art fair and thought your work was breath taking…so exquisite down to every last detail.
    I would love to buy some pieces from your passive girl collection, could you contact me so that we can discuss sizes and prices please, thank you. And please do not be dis heartened, your work is so special, something good will come…
    yours, nicola roberts nicola.roberts@rocketmail.com

    • Hello Nicola,

      Thank you for your kind comment!
      I love London so I hate the government for the strict rules…
      I may not be able to sell my work, or stay in UK,
      but I will keep making and showing my work so that’s not to worry.
      And thank you for your interest regarding my collection!
      I will email you shortly.