29 08 2011

New York purchases

I’m back from my trip to New York and Chicago. I’ve bought more than 20 things in total! But here, I will just share the tools I’ve bought for my work.  All bought from a yarn shop called “purl” in Soho, New York.

Actually, I must tell you about my incident in Chicago before that.  I and my parents went on a 2 hour boat tour to see the amazing architecture and the huge lake.  It was great but really sunny.  Of course, I was wearing a hat, covered in sunblock and my new linen scarf but I felt a bit dizzy in about an hour so I decided to go downstairs, inside the boat to stay away from sunlight.  When I stood up, I fainted and that was it.  The girl who hates the sun had a sunstroke.  I was carried downstairs by my dad and a crew member and lay down for the rest of the tour.  I managed to walk out of the boat but when I climbed the stairs(why so many stairs, now?) to get to the street, I went off again and was taken back to the hotel by taxi.  Now, I’m fine but my foot which I had to drag for a few days is still recovering from the bruise/scratch I got then! I must get used to sunlight a bit more or never stay in sunlight for too long, which shall I choose?

another pair of gingher scissors for myself
5 inch knife edge craft scissors.

I thought this one has a cool design.
“The self-storing scissor” from Bryson

simple and smart, made in Germany sounds always promising
rolled tape measure from hoechst mass

vintage model thread cards from Sajou
I originally went to “purl” to buy this one!
Sajou does many vintage inspired things, so nice.

09 08 2011

things for me and her

This one is a sewing machine cover I’ve made from one of my toiles to replace the plastic one which came with the sewing machine and broke. Glad I’ve made my toile useful. I didn’t know what to do with it.

This one is a elastic band with a silk crocheted bow I’ve made for my friend as her birthday present.

I’m going on holidays for 10days so I won’t be posting anything for a while but I will be back!

01 08 2011

time to be sociable

I’ve made my “Minus Sun” facebook page. The link is right above this post so do have a look and “like” my page if you don’t mind… I will be posting photos, news, and links to any publicity I get. You may have noticed that I’ve also added a “Tweet” button and a “Like” button to my blog posts. Tweet and Like as much as you can and keep me happy.