27 04 2014

girl illustration brooch

I make a lot of resin jewellery with embroidered fabric inside but these are with illustration printed on paper. I coloured some of them with coloured pencils individually. I liked the transparency of the paper so I decided to make them into hanging brooches using looped safety pins instead of using typical brooch backs. The illustration I used is that of the Amusing Girl’s look of “minus the sun, night all day.” collection.

girlbrooch (1)

girlbrooch (2)

girlbrooch (3)

girlbrooch (4)

22 04 2014

commissioned sisters’ dresses in blue

These blue dresses were made for my junior high school classmate and her younger sister. My friend ordered the Self-Conscious Girl’s dress from “minus the sun, night all day.” collection (left) and her sister ordered the Suicidal Girl’s dress from the current “It rained into her room.” collection (right). I couldn’t wait to see the two dresses worn together so I called my double for the photoshoot, thank you Photoshop.
sakumasisters (9)

My friend liked the style of this dress but also wanted the moon embroidery from the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress from the same collection so I combined the two. I suggested making the dress in light blue as she likes pale colours and it will make the moon motif obvious. I used different cotton fabrics in a similar colour for each section. The hem and the shoulder straps are done with cotton ribbon.
sakumasisters (6)

sakumasisters (7)

sakumasisters (8)

sakumasisters (1)

sakumasisters (11)

I have a different plan of using a few colours for the final version of this style but decided to make it in one colour for my friend’s sister, just to be safe. I’ve chosen blue cotton again to go with my friend’s dress but in a dark enough colour so that the skirt won’t be see-through. The collar has cotton ribbon trimmings and the small breast pocket is hand stitched in a teardrop shape. The fabric covered buttons are made in a slightly lighter colour.
sakumasisters (4)

sakumasisters (3)

sakumasisters (5)

sakumasisters (2)

sakumasisters (10)

sakumasisters (12)

14 04 2014

the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress final ver.

This is the final version of the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress of “It rained into her room.” collection. You can see the calico version here. It is made of grey cotton fabric and embroidered with light blue and light grey thread.

no0rain (10)

no0rain (15)

no0rain (13)

no0rain (11)

no0rain (12)

no0rain (14)

The collar, cuffs, and the flap pocket on the lower right have rain inspired embroidery with dots and lines. The elbow patches are teardrop shaped.
no0rain (16)

no0rain (21)

The breast pocket represents bubbles in water.
no0rain (19)

Even the buttonholes are hand stitched. The buttons were made especially for this garment with embroidered pieces of fabric with sequins and beads in light blue tone encased in resin.
no0rain (17)

The plackets on the sleeves are embroidered with an umbrella motif.
no0rain (18)

The embroidery on the layered pocket shows rain dripping from the larger pocket into the small square pocket.
no0rain (20)

The scooped hem, longer at the back, is finished with blanket stitch.
no0rain (22)

06 04 2014

Selvedge Spring Fair 2014

I have exhibited at Selvedge Spring Fair this weekend at Chelsea Old Town Hall. I had a large space in the corridor and enjoyed showing my work: clothing, accessories, jewellery, cards, and books. Thank you very much to those who visited me. I hope you found something you like. My next mission is to open my online shop… In the meantime, if you’re interested in anything you see on my website/blog, feel free to get in touch.

selvedge (38)

selvedge (40)

selvedge (35)

selvedge (41)

selvedge (37)

selvedge (36)

selvedge (39)