14 06 2020

Embroidered Face Masks

Hello, I am still alive. I hope you are doing okay too. I have mainly been busy doing translation work and games testing, and also made my first desktop PC, but I have done some crafting too.

I have designed a set of face masks for my friend who wanted a set of two, each of them embroidered with my frequently used sentences, ‘Are you okay?’ and ‘I will be fine.’ She wanted them to be large, in pleated style(not in shaped style), pale coloured, and didn’t want the elastics to be too tight. I had a look through my fabrics and chose light weight lemon colour cotton and pastel orange cotton because I thought those colours are not associated with the medical envoriment. I chose fluorescent pink for the embroidered text so it stands out and completes the citrus/candy colour combination.

I’ve done some research on the internet and tried out with pieces of paper and came out with the sizing of 21cm acrross, 16cm top to bottom, which is probably one of the largest you’ll find. I noticed some masks have a pocket to insert a filter so I thought I’d add that too. I used two layers of the front side fabric so the inside fabric doesn’t show through and used three layers of double layer gauze for the inside so the back side of the embroidery won’t show from either side. So, it’s eight layers in total like this:

embroidered text on top

2 layers of front side fabric

1 layer of double layer gauze

back side of embroidery (It must not be seen. Hide this!)

1 layer of double layer gauze

pocket opening

1 layer of double layer gauze

The result is soft and fluffy… The top and bottom seams are turned to the back side, stitched down, and pressed, so the gauze fabric won’t peak from the front side. The sides are bound with separate fabric (pastel orange) to create a loop for the elastics with no visible stitches on the front side of the masks. The design and those processes use more material and make the whole production time much longer, but it’s worth it. And I know that some people will notice the difference.

I’ve also made a few in navy for some people who prefer, or I thought might prefer, darker colour. I still haven’t made one for myself but maybe I will when I run out of my disposable ones that I had already as a typical Japanese. Stay safe and take care!

19 11 2019

Officer Jenny Costume

Hello, it’s a bit late but I would like to share some photos of my Halloween outfit this year. This time, I’ve actually done a cosplay rather than designing my own outfit with a general theme. To celebrate the launch of the new Pokemon game, Sword and Shield, I’ve chosen Officer Jenny from the anime series. Her outfit seemed fun to re-create and challenging. It was a lot of effort to prepare all the pieces needed. I’ve made the hat, top, collar, skirt, bag, and gloves by referencing images from the anime and other people’s costume.

It took a few attempts to get the pattern right for the fitted top and skirt. I struggled with the cuffs the most because I was fussy with the way they hung in relation to the sleeves but I’m happy with the final result. The gloves took quite a few attempts too since it was my first time making fabric gloves but the sewing itself was not so difficult compared to getting the fit right.

The main blue fabric and the black fabric used for the bag are cotton drill. The red fabric and the black fabric used for the brim of the hat are cotton sateen. The gloves are made of white jersey fabric. I’ve bought the star shaped badge on the hat, custom made name plate on the collar, name tag used for the bag strap, and buttons used for the hat and pocket flaps all in gold colour. I searched for a web belt with a gold buckle as well. The covered buttons at the back of the top and the bag were made by me using the same fabrics as the outfit.

It was great fun queueing up for the limited time pop-up store, Pokemon Centre London, wearing this although it wasn’t the most comfortable outfit. I got noticed by other Pokemon fans and received many compliments while I queued for 8 hours and shopped in an ecstatic mood. My sidekick was wearing the Team Rocket James outfit I also made as well.

04 12 2017

Christmas cards 2017

Hello, I’ve designed some new Christmas cards for this year as well. I have two designs, “Can’t talk so I write” with a girl lying down and writing a card and “Not my only wish” with a girl hanging on to a star ornament. The illustrations are outlined with a black pen, coloured in with colour pencils, and then placed on a dark navy background. The inside says “but Merry Christmas.” so it completes a sentence with the writing on the front. I’ve been adding 2 designs every year with the same theme since 2011. But this year, the girl has pink hair to reflect my hair colour. They come with silver envelopes and are suitable for those who are quite but with many thoughts in their head. Hope you like them!

20 11 2017

crocheted collar blouse and smocked bubble skirt

Hello, here are some clothes I’ve made for a customer’s order recently. They are the crocheted collar blouse in calico with handmade resin buttons which has been one of my most popular items and the cotton sateen bubble skirt with smocking details. Those were the first garments I’ve made this year and it took me months to finish them as well. My excuse is that I’ve been busy trying to make a living with my other jobs (plural) but it is quite embarrassing. However, I feel proud to have customers’ orders even if it’s once in a while and the sense of accomplishment is great after crafting the things I make with a lot of care. Hope you like them!

04 07 2017

Kingston Artists Open Studios 2017

Hello, I am still alive. Apologies for the slow update but here are some photos from the Kingston Artists Open Studios event which was held over two weekends in June. The event showcased around 100 artists across 20 venues in Kingston area. I have exhibited my work with 8 other local artists in one of the artist’s lovely house. It was the first time for me to exhibit in a setting like this, different from craft fairs I usually do. This time, I put more focus on showing my storybook along with the character cards and some of my more elaborate clothing pieces since I expected new customers. I had a wonderful time meeting other artists and introducing myself to visitors. Hope you like how my work is displayed on a piano and a bookshelf.

22 03 2017

Contemporary Textiles Fair 2017

I have been exhibiting at Contemporary Textiles Fair at Landmark Arts Centre last weekend, 17-19th March. Thank you very much to those who came by. It was lovely to meet new customers and exhibitors and saying hello to regular customers and fellow exhibitors from previous fairs I have done. Here are some photos from the event for you to remember or see how it was! I’m afraid I didn’t have much new work to show as taking part in the event was a last minute decision but I had some stock of scarves and collars back from Japan. I will let you know when I’m doing another event in the future. Hope to see you there.

09 02 2017

friend’s wedding photos

I recently woke up to a lovely surprise. My friend who had commissioned me to make a white linen dress in the past told me that she used it as her wedding dress! It’s a simple long dress with gathers and bought lace trimmings at the chest but it has become a proper wedding dress thanks to the flowers all done by the bride herself. Here are some beautiful photos taken by her sister. May they be happy forever!

Check out their Instagram to see their beautiful world.
My dancer friend: miholokahi
Her photographer sister: hachigraph

05 12 2016

The Makers’ Fair by Selvedge Magazine

I have exhibited at The Makers’ Fair by Selvedge Magazine last Saturday. It was held at St. Augustine’s Church Hall in Highgate, just near Selvedge shop. Although it was a small fair, it was lovely and pretty lit up with festoon lights. Thank you very much to those who came by my stand. It gives me motivation to create when I get good response from these fairs and I especially feel happy when I’m asked to sign my book! Here are some pictures from the fair if you’ve missed it. Hope to see you at another event.










24 11 2016

Christmas cards 2016

It’s only a month until Christmas… Here are the new Christmas cards I’ve designed this year. I have made two designs, one with a girl in a T-shirt with the text “Of course I’m cold”, and another with a girl sleeping on a sofa with the text “Not part of it”. Inside of the card it says “but Merry Christmas”. Minus Sun Christmas cards are alternatives to the typical cheerful joyful Christmas cards. They are backwards yet friendly. Hope you like them!








12 09 2016

crocheted HopeLess bracelets

Here are some sweet/sad crocheted bracelets I’ve made using plastic alphabet beads. The alphabet beads are arranged in two rows dividing the word “HOPE/LESS” between two silver coloured star-shaped beads. I have made several styles using various combinations of coloured beads and cream or baby blue coloured silk yarn. I might make some with baby pink yarn later. Round metal tags stamped with “Minus Sun” are attached. Those are stamped one by one by myself with a hammer. I like the sweet, childish, and nostalgic atmosphere of the alphabet beads combined with this downhearted word. I suppose you would expect words such as “Hope” “Love” “Happiness” etc. for this kind of jewellery but not with me. I like my work to sympathise, rather than cheer up forcibly. Hope you like them and be happy! The star-shaped beads are pointing out the first row after all.