23 11 2011


I’ve made some new collars, two using navy velvet and one crocheted.
The velvet collars are lined with navy cotton drill.
There are images of the collars I’d made before here.

This one is embroidered with cotton yarn and beads.
Fastens with cotton grosgrain ribbons in cream colour.

This one has very delicate silk crocheted trimmings.
Fastens with cotton and acetate grosgrain ribbons in grey.

A cotton crocheted collar with cotton grosgrain ribbons.
This cotton yarn is shiny like silk but it’s firm and doesn’t fluff, very good.



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  1. Fantastic to see some more beautiful collars! Your work is so lovely Yuka, so gentle and delicate. It was nice to see you over at sam’s notebook :)

    • Thank you for checking out my new colloars as well. “gentle” is a very nice word to describe my work. I’d like to be sympathetic rather than cheerful. I like how you collect beautiful images on your blog as well!