25 02 2012

finished fabric doll

Here is the finished fabric doll with an embroidered face and implanted hair. The seams are done with the same colour thread as the fabric so it is less visible. The stitches go through each part to join them together so that they are attached firmly but this means it’ll have a stitch on the surface. I’ve incorporated gold sequins instead of just having stitches so it prevents the fabric from being pulled in and breaking. It looks nicer as well when they look like metal screws rather than having a trying-to-hide visible stitches.

embroidering the face, even my signature beauty spot is stitched

implanting hair using silk floss, takes a lot of time

even when there is enough hair, the skin of the head is too visible when parted so I have coloured the gaps in with a fabric pen afterwards

the finished hair and face

the joints with gold sequins

finished doll front side

back side

from the side

she can sit on her own

on my palm, this is how small she is

I’ll think of a special way to keep her in a good condition but she can stay in one of my garment samples’ pocket for the time being.


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