24 12 2013

Christmas cards 2013

Merry Christmas everyone. These two are my newly designed Christmas cards this year, “These are all mine” and “Not that bothered” with pen and colour pencil illustrations on a navy background. They both have “but Merry Christmas.” printed inside. I’ve been making 2 designs every year for 3 years now so there is a set of 6 different illustrations now. You can see the past designs here. I may continue the same series next year or start a new series, I have a year to think!

xmascard (9)

xmascard (10)

xmascard (11)

xmascard (12)

xmascard (13)

16 12 2013

Commissioned Controlling Girl’s shirt dress

This is a commissioned piece of the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress calico version from “minus the sun, night all day” collection. The marks and lines are drawn by hand and not actual embroidery, only the elbow patches are hand stitched. It is almost the same as the original but the resin buttons have embroidery inside instead of sequins. Also, it has a different mood because the calico I use is not always the same and I often combine different ones.

no0star (19)

no0star (20)

no0star (21)

no0star (22)

no0star (23)

11 12 2013

“minus the sun, night all day” character postcards

Here are the character postcards of my 2nd collection. The postcards of my 1st collection had a white background with pencil & watercolour illustrations with text describing each character. These have black backgrounds with handwritten design notes in white with digital illustrations. The back side has a girl silhouette stamp logo and address lines made of tiny crosses. Hope you like them. I’m keeping a set for myself and looking forward to growing my collection with each collection!

postcardstar (11)

postcardstar (1)

postcardstar (2)

postcardstar (3)

postcardstar (4)

postcardstar (5)

postcardstar (6)

postcardstar (7)

postcardstar (8)

postcardstar (9)

postcardstar (10)

postcardstar (12)

03 12 2013

Selvedge Winter Fair 2013

Here are some photos of my stall at Selvedge Winter Fair which was held at Chelsea Old Town Hall 29th-30th November. There were so many exhibitors with exciting things. I wish I had more time to shop as a customer. Thank you very much to those who visited me there. Hope to see you soon at another event!

my simple display with jewellery, accessories, cards, books, and clothing
selvedge (26)

embroidered buntings and resin teardrops with sequins inside
selvedge (29)

handmade clothing all from “minus the sun, night all day” collection
and T-shirt with illustration of “You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” collection
selvedge (28)

jewellery and accessories on my shoe rack and character postcards on the table
selvedge (30)

embroidered calico crown and resin cufflinks
selvedge (32)

crocheted beaded silk rings and earrings
selvedge (33)

embroidered cuffs and crocheted beaded silk necklaces
selvedge (34)

crocheted lingerie set, greeting cards, fabric story books, and the printed edition
selvedge (27)

business cards and promotional postcards
selvedge (31)

26 11 2013

“You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” paperback edition

As you may know, I make a story and a story book for each collection. I always display the embroidered fabric books at events and I enjoy people enjoying them. Now, there is a paperback edition of “You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” which you can buy. It is 56 pages long and contains pictures of the original fabric book and the text printed in a typical paperback style. The glossy cover has the logo, the title, and the line-up of characters (front style on front cover, back style on back cover). It’s imitating vintage books with the sun tanned look but it’s part of the design printed on thick silky paper. Hope you like it.

youreallminebook (1)

youreallminebook (3)

youreallminebook (2)

youreallminebook (5)

youreallminebook (4)

youreallminebook (6)

06 11 2013

Wednesday Addams dress

I’m late but happy Halloween. Here is my Wednesday Addams inspired costume. I fell in love with her after seeing her in the musical. Also, I wanted a reason to wear black and white striped tights for quite a while. Finally!
The dress is made of green silk velvet and has side seam pockets. The buttons are covered with black silk dupion. The pointy collar is a separate piece made of white silk dupion and trimmed with cream crocheted silk lace. I used tiny snap fasteners for a clean look.

wednesday (5)

wednesday (1)

wednesday (2)

wednesday (3)

wednesday (4)

Wednesday (6)

wednesday (7)

wednesday (8)

10 10 2013

“You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)” T-shirt

Here’s Minus Sun’s first T-shirt featuring the first collection “You’re all mine. (You’re all in me.)”. Illustrations are printed on both sides of black cotton T-shirts. The front has outlines and names of the characters in white and the back has line drawings of the characters wearing their clothes from the collection. No.0 the Controlling Girl, the main character, stands in front of the rest of the girls in distinctive poses with hidden faces.

It will be sold at Selvedge Winter Fair, 29-30 Nov 2013, Chelsea Old Town Hall for £20.
I am a size 6-8 and wearing a mens size S here. There are sizes S and M.

tshirt (1)
tshirt (3)
tshirt (2)
tshirt (4)

29 09 2013

stitched bracelets

I’ve made a new design for my stitched bracelet range with the title of my 2nd collection.
It’s reversible with “MINUS THE SUN” and “NIGHT ALL DAY” stitched on each side.

stitchedcuffnight (1)
stitchedcuffnight (2)
stitchedcuffnight (3)
stitchedcuffnight (4)

And these may look familiar, the three original designs:”ARE YOU OKAY?/I WILL BE FINE”, “YOU’RE ALL MINE(IN ME)/.x.x.x.”, and “0123456778/.x.x.x.”

stitchedcuff (2)
stitchedcuff (3)
stitchedcuff (4)
stitchedcuff (5)
stitchedcuff (1)