02 11 2011

Christmas ornaments

I am trying to start some workshops at my stockist, Circus, and the next plan is having a Christmas ornament making workshop. They suggested that I make them in my style so here they are, bras and knickers to be hung on your holy Christmas tree! The knickers have the “I will be fine.” embroidery as in the real knickers in my collection. The matching bra and knickers have colourful beads sewn on, just to make it Christmasy. Made with felt, beads, and silk strings.

Get in touch with me or Circus, the next workshop is planned for this Sunday.
Circus 5th Avenue Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR
13:30-16:30, 42 pounds including all materials and afternoon tea
Me: info@minussun.co.uk
Circus: circusbrixton@gmail.com


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