29 10 2011

Handmade in Britain

I have been exhibiting at Handmade in Britain Chelsea show this weekend and I hope that some of you are looking at this post after seeing my work there! Here are the photos of my display.

My stall looking professional with wooden frames, a banner, spotlights and all.

One of my walls
The “I will be fine.” knickers at the bottom right has been bought by a customer who is planning to display it on her wall with my signature! I like to think that my work is art as well as fashion so I was very pleased.

I’ve made a fabric holder for my postcards and business cards. Not sure if it had any effect but my cards have been popular so that’s good too.

The lingerie sets on my other wall are attracting some serious attention. Girls and boys, they both like them!

26 10 2011

sailor style scarf

This is my latest work, a sailor style scarf.
I’m always fascinated by school girls and their uniforms and this combination of blue fabric and white lines remind me of the collar of my sailor style school uniform. The slanted edges remind me of the big pre-made bow tie I wore with it as well. Made with chambray cotton and crocheted cotton trimmings.

24 10 2011

a cami, a shirt, and a top

I’ve taken some photos of the clothes I had made before.

This one is a variation of a dress which belongs to the Sensuous Girl.
I think this is one of the girliest things I’ve made.
recycled silk crocheted bra panels, cotton fabric
cotton ribbon draw string
velvet ribbons and gold metal adjusters for the straps

This is a calico version of the Controlling Girl’s shirt dress.
The patterns are not embroidered but drawn in with a fabric pen as this was made as a toile.
But the elbow patch is hand sewn, and it has the resin buttons with embroidered fabric trapped inside.
I think this shirt became even more beautiful after being washed. I love it.

This was originally made for my stockist, Circus, a variation of the Dreamy Girl’s dress.
It is also made with calico, and has a smocked detail with “escape” embroidery.

23 10 2011


I heard collars are “in” this season so I’ve made some. But I actually like them as an item and have made a crocheted one for myself before and I wear it once in a while. I think these will look good with a simple top, shirt or a dress. I saw one little boy(or a girl, I couldn’t tell) try on at Renegade Craft Fair(well, his/her mum put it on the child) one of the pale green ones and it looked amazingly cute! So I know they can be worn by kids as well.

crocheted collars made of cotton yarn and cotton ribbons

the top one, embroidered collar made of silk/linen fabric and beads
the bottom two, same fabric with crocheted silk trimmings

embroidered collars made of black silk
the top one with beads
the middle one with sequins, beads, and ribbon embroidery
the bottom one with silk yarn embroidery and cotton ribbon

20 10 2011

black cat garters

Here are some crocheted silk garters in black. I had Halloween in mind when I was making these, thinking that it will be great to make a black cat outfit to go with it (a sexy one of course).

15 10 2011

The Suicidal Girl’s bracelet

So, here are the wrap bracelets inspired by bandage for No.1 The Suicidal Girl, a character from my story “YOU’RE ALL MINE (YOU’RE ALL IN ME). The idea is that she wears it to protect her from harming herself but you don’t have to know this if you are a cheerful person who just likes a nice bracelet. The hand crocheted lace is made of viscose and the ribbon is a cotton and acetate mix. The fastening is hook but no eye. You hook the hook onto any of the lace holes just like you hook the little metal thing to fasten your bandage.(or is it not like that any more?)

This is the original double wrap design.

And this is the more affordable single wrap version.

Above is the double one, below is the single one.
The double one is long enough to wear it as a choker as well.

11 10 2011

Renegade Craft Fair

I have done my first craft fair last weekend at The Old Truman Brewery. Thank you very much to everyone who came by and hope you felt attracted to my work!  My next craft fair will be at Handmade in Britain Chelsea, at Chelsea Old Town Hall, 28-30th October.

This is how my stall looked; clothing rail on the left and a table full of little things.

The things on my table cloth are replacable embroidered collars for the sailor style blouse.

The jewellery range

Very pretty glass cases I’ve got from a gift shop in Brighton at the weekend before the fair.

This gorgeous 1930s convex mirror is from an antique shop in Kingston.   I love the gold and the circle shape.

My postcards and business cards were popular so that’s good.  Many people signed up for my mailing list as well, thanks a lot.

I didn’t have time to make my own hangers so they are from John Lewis but I’ve put some ribbon I’ve got at a market in Brighton with my logo stamp on the edge.  Cute, very pleased.

Because I care about the details, I’ve done stitched price tags.

silk crocheted garters

embroidered collars, above with ribbon and thread embroidery, below with ribbon, thread, and beads

The character postcards from my story “YOU’RE ALL MINE (YOU’RE ALL IN ME)”

I’ve made matching envelopes with the garment illustration and stamps.  Stickers with a section from the story comes as well.