22 08 2012


Have you enjoyed the London Olympics? I would like to show you how I enjoyed it from the creative side.

Before it started, I prepared my nails like this! I did the 2012 logo and the Union Jack on my left hand and French nails on my right hand with the Olympic rings’ colours. Actually, this photo is after one week since I have painted them so a bit of gold is added on both hands where my nails have grown. Maybe you have noticed through my photos on this blog but I always have my nails painted. I care a lot about my hands and also what they make, of course.

I had bought the tickets to see the gold medal match of womens football in advance and I was planning to make a Japanese flag dress if Japan came to the finals and wow, they did. So I have made this dress on the day in a few hours. It’s just a simple white cotton dress with a red circle sewn on both sides so I will also look like a flag from the back side. Too bad, they didn’t win but it was great fun for me and my parents who were visiting from Japan.



Olympics — 2 Comments

  1. Great photo of Wembley, The dress is Wow Japanese Flag is very striking. You wear it well.

    • Thank you very much.
      But I’m often jealous of the Union Jack and the American flag because they are more flexible to use as a design!