29 11 2014

commissioned dress in dark green

This is a commissioned version of the Self-Conscious Girl’s dress from “minus the sun, night all day.” collection featuring the customer’s pet budgie embroidered onto the left chest! I’ve enjoyed combining different embroidery stitches to make it realistic. It is made of light weight corduroy fabric in dark green and black velvet ribbons for the shoulder straps and hem trimmings. The hem is around 15cm longer than the original design covering the knees.

budgie (1)

budgie (2)

budgie (3)

budgie (4)

budgie (6)

budgie (5)

budgie (7)

19 11 2014

the Suicidal Girl’s dress final ver.

This is the final version of the Suicidal Girl’s dress from my 3rd collection “It rained into her room.” made with dull baby blue cotton and navy cotton fabric. The inspiration for this design was a girl walking into water. Therefore, a darker colour fabric is used for the bottom half of the dress including the sleeve cuffs. The collar, which is pointy at the back has hand crocheted lace trimmings to represent a handkerchief. The small breast pocket forms a teardrop shape with embroidered dots. The front opening has button loops and cream colour fabric covered buttons.

no1rain (9)

no1rain (10)

no1rain (11)

no1rain (12)

no1rain (13)

no1rain (15)

no1rain (14)

no1rain (16)

no1rain (17)

09 11 2014

commissioned pleated skirt in red

The order was the Smart Girl’s skirt for Autumn/Winter in red with small floral pattern and the concept was “forest”. The choice of fabric was up to me so I chose this dark red cotton corduroy fabric with blue flowers. It reminded me of Snow White somehow. I think the result is really cute. There isn’t much handicraft involved but the original handmade buttons with red embroidery match very well and make this a special piece.

sakumasisters (13)

sakumasisters (17)

sakumasisters (14)

sakumasisters (16)

sakumasisters (15)

04 11 2014

Selvedge Winter Fair 2014

I have exhibited at Selvedge Winter Fair last weekend. Thanks a lot to those who visited my stand. Here are some photos from the event. I missed the chance to shop around probably because I wanted to be present when a customer was at my stand and because I was quite sleepy. Next time!

embroidered buntings
selvedge14w (1)

the full view
selvedge14w (2)

my shoe rack with jewellery items
selvedge14w (3)

the clothing rail with calico wrapped hangers, which received compliments from many
selvedge14w (6)

my mini double
selvedge14w (7)

the embroidered fabric books, always popular
selvedge14w (4)

the latest items, resin brooches
selvedge14w (5)

the best seller, stitched cuffs
selvedge14w (8)

trapped embroidery resin jewellery
selvedge14w (9)