29 12 2010

christmas presents

Here are the things I’ve made for my friends.
This one is a crocheted necklace with beads.

It can be a nice bracelet as well.

This is almost the same but with a different yarn.

I was commissioned by my friend to make this shirt for her mum.
She chose the fabric and the pattern was bought from John Lewis.

This is a camisole I’ve made for the same friend with the fabric left.

17 12 2010

christmas card

I’ve made this card for a digital christmas card competition.
It didn’t win but I will put it on my website anyway to say,
“Merry Christmas” to anyone who comes by!
It is basically a collage of my work from my major master project.
I hope you like it.

17 11 2010

fabric book printed version

I have made a printed version of the embroidered book for reproduction.
Each copy is hand bound and has a hand embroidered fabric cover.
The pages are made of folded light-weight card and tracing paper.
A bookmark with an embroidered serial number is attached as well.
(I will keep copy “000” for myself!)

[See the original book]

30 09 2010

Tent London

MA Fashion was part of “Made in Kingston” exhibit at Tent London, 22-26 Sep.
I had a little space to show my major project.
My work caught much attention and although they were for free,
200 business cards and postcards disappeared by the end of the exhibition!
(Some people took 4 postcards… but I guess it’s because they’re great?)
The fabric books made many visitors smile and a few asked me if they’re on sale.
However, I’m not ready to sell them, they’re too precious…

the cabinet with all the garments and the digital photo frame showing the film

crocheted lace-up slippers hung on the wall

name plate, crocheted lampshade, handcuffs, and eye mask

the fabric books

20 09 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Friday 17th September 2010
It was the big day for my MA Fashion course at Kingston University.
I have chosen to be part of the exhibition because of my poor hand, suffering from tendonitis, wasn’t sure if it can produce enough garments for a catwalk. I decided to tell myself that an exhibition is more suitable anyway considering the detailed nature of my work requiring time to observe.

I represented a girl’s bedroom in my exhibition space since “the girl” has always been my theme, the girl of my dreams, to be accurate.

The final garments are neatly folded and displayed in a glass cabinet with lighting with a crocheted lampshade.

On the bed, I have displayed all the fabric books I have made during the course. People have enjoyed looking at the books or even playing with the dress-up book. The cross-stitch on the duvet reads “Will I be fine? Tell me.”

The duvet cover and the pillow cases have crocheted trimmings and crochet covered buttons. The cross-stitch on the top pillow reads “HOPE” and the bottom one reads “LESS”. I left a set of lingerie on the bed to emphasisee the absence(or the existence) of the girl.

On the bedside table, I put the digital photo frame with a crocheted cover playing the video I’ve made.

10 09 2010

the work

With photos and short films of the pieces I’ve made
(dresses, lingerie, socks, accessories)

stitch samples

button samples

favourite images

10 09 2010

final line-up portfolio

Here is the synopsys of the story I have written for this project.
The full story is here.

No.0 is a 17-year-old girl who has been 17 for almost 7 years. She has 9 friends, who are numbered No.1~No.9. They have been living together for a long time. Though they look so much alike, No.0 makes clothes for them according to their unique personalities. Every day, she enjoys dressing the girls in the morning and undressing them at night.
However, strange things start to happen when she decides to become 24 on her next birthday. One by one, her friends go missing until only No.0 herself is left. When she turns 24, she discovers the hopeless truth that her best friends didn’t exist after all and all of them were her split personalities which became her imaginary friends in her refusal to grow up.
This collection represents the clothes No.0 makes for the other girls, using all her time and energy. The labouriously handmade pieces shows the feeling she has for them.
in the line-up
– No.0 the Controlling Girl
– No.6 the Dreamy Girl
– No.8 the Passive Girl
– No.9 the Solitary Girl

16 06 2010

1st line-up portfolio

nude line-up

clothed line-up

look 0 the Controlling Girl

look 1 the Suicidal Girl

look 2 the Sensuous Girl

look 3 the Smart Girl

look 4 the Cultured Girl

look 5 the Self-Conscious Girl

look 6 the Dreamy Girl

look 7 the Amusing Girl

look 8 the Passive Girl

look 9 the Solitary Girl