31 12 2012

calendar in fabric frame

This is a new item I have designed and made. I’ve been wanting to make a calender for a long time as I have a weakness for numbers. This is a unique one made with laid paper in cream colour and calico fabric. There is one long pocket at the top and two triangular pockets at the bottom to hold the papers. The year, month, and date are printed on paper and the days of the week are stitched onto the top part of the fabric frame. The idea is that you can use the fabric frame for years to come by just replacing the paper calendar. The numbers were stamped one by one using my handmade rubber stamps for the original copy.

The days of the week, stitched with red and black

The triangular pocket at the bottom corner

The calendar sheets with numbers and my logo at the right bottom corner which is hidden once in the frame

My handmade number stamps made with resin blocks and cut out elastic bands

18 12 2012

chunky crocheted hat

This is a hat I’ve made for my friend as a Christmas present. I’ve used a wool/silk/superkid mohair/polyamide mix yarn in cream colour (Rowan silk twist). Slightly fluffy and shiny. I doubled up the yarn and crocheted using my fingers instead of a crochet hook.

28 11 2012

navy velvet collars

Here are some new collars made with cotton velvet in navy colour.

hand embroidered dotted pattern in shiny cotton thread in cream with red/dark pink velvet ribbon

hand embroidered dots along the edge using embroidery ribbon in yellow with black grosgrain ribbon

hand crocheted silk trimmings in cream with black velvet ribbon (lace with holes)

hand crocheted silk trimmings in cream with black velvet ribbon (lace without holes)

23 11 2012

resin tag necklaces

Here is another item to add to my trapped embroidery resin jewellery series. Embroidered pieces of fabric numbered “No.0”-“No.9” are inside flat resin tags with slanted edges. On a black leather string. You can choose a number according to the charaters of Minus Sun or a number you personally like. These are available at Circus, Brixton Village as well as many other works of mine if you’ve missed me at the Selvedge winter fair.

17 11 2012

embroidered ties

Here are some embroidered ties made with navy cotton velvet and cream grosgrain ribbons. The length of the ribbon is adjustable with a gold adjuster. A matching gold hook makes it easier to wear. You can wear it like a necklace with a simple collarless top/dress or like a bow tie if worn over a shirt.

With embroidered dots in shiny cotton yarn in cream

With embroidered line of dots in yellow ribbon and sequins

11 11 2012

Selvedge Winter Fair 2012

I have exhibited at the Selvedge Winter Fair last Saturday. Thank you very much to those who came and are reading my blog now. Here are some photos of my stall if you’ve missed it. I was stood at my place all day and missed going to see other exhibitors…

My stitched price tags attracted much attention as usual.

A mini version of me perched on my business cards.
She was popular too.

Scarves, collars, and other crocheted items

hairslides and earrings

handmade buttons, my new sentence button sets seemed like a hit.

more resin jewellery, I love my glass cases with gold frames.

My shelf (it’s actually my shoe rack) is a useful thing.
Can you see my embroidered “Minus Sun” bunting at the back?

And here is the whole view without me wearing my fabric crown.

09 11 2012

trapped sugar star teardrops

Here are some more Christmas stuff but it doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas season to have these around your house. The first resin work I did was during my BA and it was a big sphere lampshade with colourful sugar candies trapped inside. The idea was to have “a moon inside my room” all day. Interesting how I’ve always preferred the darkness of night to the brightness of day. Anyway, these teardrops with sugar star inside reminded me of it. Threaded with cotton red/white strings.

clear sparkle version

gold sparkle version

a set of four comes in a cute calico pouch

06 11 2012

trapped embroidery resin buttons with words

I have been making jewellery and buttons with embroidered pieces of fabric, beads, glitter, and sequins encased in resin for a while now but here are some new buttons with embroidered words. It will be very cool to put them on shirts and cardigans but attractive enough just to have them and keep them.

A set of numbers in English
You may have known already but I have a fetish about numbers.

Some iconic sentences of Minus Sun, “Are you okay?” and “I will be fine.”

02 11 2012

Christmas cards 2012

Hello, although we have almost two months to go, here are some Christmas cards of my illustration. The first two are from last year and the other two are new designs I’ve done recently. They will come with pretty silver envelopes this year. I will sell them individually and also as a set at Selvedge Winter Fair next week. They are perfect alternatives to the 100% joyful Christmas cards which can be too much!

10 10 2012

crocheted wool scarf

I have made some crocheted scarves, chunky but narrow. Two different wool yarns in cream colour are used. A single resin button is attached as the minus sun logo at one corner.

By the way, I have started using Pinterest properly and uploaded many photos. You can see lots of my past work at once. It is probably easier than going through the blog posts. Have a look.
Minus Sun Pinterest