31 07 2011

Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest

There are one bad and one good news with my competition attacks. The bad news is that my Hand&Lock embroidery competition entry didn’t go to the final round…But the good news is, my Fashioning the Future awards entry has been shortlisted for the finals! I originally thought that I failed in this one as well but it seems like it was just a delay in the judging process. I will have to submit the actual work by the end of August so I’m going to make some more garments. Wish me luck.

So, here it goes again.
This is for Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest held by the International Quilt Festival and Selvedge magazine. I’ve entered into the art quilt category(there are doll&quilt category and traditional quilt category as well). My quilt becomes a functional chess set when flat. The chess pieces made of yo-yo quilts are able to be inserted into the squares to become part of the quilt when not in use.

burning half of the squares to make them dark

Each square is embroidered with the code of its board position.

When attached together like this, each square has triangle pockets at the corners so you can insert the round chess pieces.

finished chess board

making the chess pieces with beads and sequins

the complete chess set

chess game in action

Each side of the players has a wide pocket where they can place the pieces they’ve taken.

And I almost forgot that it’s supposed to be a doll quilt and bed…

chess clock for the pillow

27 07 2011

Limited prints

Jewellery pieces, illustration cards, postcards, and these A3 limited prints will continue to be sold at Circus. They will be limited to 10 copies each. They are signed and have handwritten garment descriptions. Stamped with logo and the date at the back of the mount board.
No.0 the Controlling Girl

No.1 the Suicidal Girl

No.2 the Sensuous Girl

No. 3 the Smart Girl

No.4 the Cultured Girl

No. 5 the Self-Conscious Girl

No.6 the Dreamy Girl

No.7 the Amusing Girl

No.8 the Passive Girl

No.9 the Solitary Girl

logo stamp and made-on date stamp

27 07 2011

more jewellery

At Circus, I’ve been selling rings, bracelets, brooches, and buttons since June but I’ve started doing cuff links and necklaces from this month as well. I will take some hair slides and earrings this week to the shop and see if they’d like it.

I’ve started using glue gun to attach the brooch base. I think it looks nicer.

the necklaces
made of plastic silver beads and silk thread
the two shop ladies at Circus liked it and each of them has one

cuff links
They told me there was someone wanting cuff links so here they are.
I had no idea how they are used but now I know because I learnt it from a youtube video.

hair slides
I’ve made some and been wearing them myself since I don’t see people wearing hair slides and thought they won’t sell. However, a few people mentioned that they would have them so they will go to the shop as well!

I personally don’t wear them because I think piercing ears is painful and don’t want holes on my ears(or anywhere else) but the fact is, most women have piercings so here they go.

27 07 2011

cotton shoppers

Here are some photos of the cotton shoppers I’ve made for Circus.

three small shoppers with stitched pockets or corners
all with one of my trapped embroidery resin buttons

the big shopper with a stitched pocket

embroidered on the pocket is the date I’ve made it

it even has a pouch for a mobile phone

27 07 2011

End of Exhibition

Minus Sun launch exhibition has ended on Sunday.
Thank you very much to everyone who came.
I’ve received lots of positive comments and felt very happy to have my own shop(almost).

customised hangers I’ve made for the exhibit

stitched and stamped paper bags for jewellery items

10 07 2011

Minus Sun Launch

My label’s launch exhibition is currently on at Circus, 5th Avenue Brixton Village, SW9 8PR. It will run until 22nd July so please pop in if you are around. Thank you so much to the people who came for the private view last Thursday. It would be great if you could come again with more friends! Here are some photos from the exhibition.

Before the private view… advertising the show

Door open

One side of the shop

The controlling girl’s shirt dress hung by the window and of course a drinks table for the night (well, all I drank was orange juice because I’m a baby…)

This fabric moodboard of my Network project has been sold during the private view!
I had it there just to show my process so I was very surprised!

The other side of the shop, the Dreamy girl wearing her eyemask on the left, lingerie and hosiery hung on a washing line, and the “hopeless” pillows and “Will I be fine? Tell me.” blanket

From inside the shop

The bed with the embroidered story book and eyemask

button sample and stitch sample on the plinth
portfolio pages with the dressing up doll fabric book

the cardboard figures, the Solitary girl

the Passive girl with her handcuffs
You can see her knickers in the reflection of the mirror behind her!

ZERO project all hung on my handmade hangers

portfolio pages with the fabric sample book

a mixture of
DPBS project portfolio pages, Network project portfolio pages with fabric sample book, Focus project lingerie, and an embroidery project during my BA.

And a table filled with my jewellery products.

04 07 2011

Hand&Lock embroidery

I’ve submitted my images for the 1st round of Hand&Lock Embroidery competition.
Seems like my Fashioning the Future Awards application didn’t go through the 1st round so wish me luck for this one! The concept is a marine themed burlesque costume.

I’ve used sequins and beads properly for the first time.
Starfish on the bra and a shell on the knickers.

Of course, there are some thread embroidery and ribbon embroidery as well.

The bottom section is my favourite and was the most time consuming part.
I’ve done three rows of different smocking and also embroidered sequins and beads inside the pleats. I’ve used a tambour hook(used for couture embroidery) for the first time to do the sequined edges.

The hem of the ribbons of the bra is also embellished representing the sea.