28 11 2011

Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular

I had half a table at Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular on Sunday at York Hall, Bethnal Green. Thank you very much to everyone who is checking out my blog now after finding me there. The fair was very busy and I found a couple of nice things from other vendors as well but I’m going to show you some photos of my stuff because it’s my favourite…

front view of my space

my shoe rack with jewellery and accessories

candy-like jewellery, embroidered fabric encased in resin

rings, embroidered cuffs, crocheted silk necklaces


display with glass cases, scarves, garters

I’m not sure if I’ve been here before but I loved the colour green of this room, a boxing venue, it seems to be.

25 11 2011

Christmas cards 2011

I’ve designed two Christmas cards this year and they are now sold at Circus, 5th Avenue Brixton Village, SW9 8PR. I will be selling them at Bust Magazine Christmas Craftacular (details on the right) on Sunday along with jewellery and accessories. I will be waiting for you.

Christmas card Dark version

Christmas card Cold version

Comes with a red envelope and a little sticker with text from the story “YOU’RE ALL MINE (YOU’RE ALL IN ME)”.

It says “Merry Christmas” in the inside and the back has the Christmas stocking image.

23 11 2011


I’ve made some new collars, two using navy velvet and one crocheted.
The velvet collars are lined with navy cotton drill.
There are images of the collars I’d made before here.

This one is embroidered with cotton yarn and beads.
Fastens with cotton grosgrain ribbons in cream colour.

This one has very delicate silk crocheted trimmings.
Fastens with cotton and acetate grosgrain ribbons in grey.

A cotton crocheted collar with cotton grosgrain ribbons.
This cotton yarn is shiny like silk but it’s firm and doesn’t fluff, very good.

21 11 2011

Christmas stocking

It’s cold and it’s time for Christmas shopping. And here is a Christmas stocking in my style: very much handmade but simple and nice with no mess. It’s made of cream coloured wool, dark orange linen, and silk yarn for the crocheted trimmings and the heel patch. It’ll be a perfect Christmas present if you’re meeting someone to give him/her a present before Christmas (because you want it to be used this year!).

15 11 2011

sailor style scarf in velvet

I’ve made the sailor style scarf in navy velvet this time to go with winter coats. The chambray version looked pure and friendly but this one is more elegant and mysterious. I’d wear this by folding it in half and making the edges go through the loop like in the first image, or tie it at the back like in the second image. I like the slanted edges for their subtle ribbon effect. made with 100% cotton

12 11 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards ceremony

I had been shortlisted for the Unique Design category (there are five in total) months ago and I’ve finally found out the result this week. So, I didn’t win, nor was I selcted for the exhibition… But that doesn’t make me a loser as I am still one of the 45 finalists out of more than 2000 entries! The ceremony was held last Thursday evening at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf. I also went there the following day to see the exhibition but there were no actual works, just some images and video clips so the ceremony which had models dressed in the selected garments was more exciting for sure.

an article about the ceremony on Glam UK

We all sat on these big wooden spools.

There were about 10 garments on models but I think this one is my favourite as it uses crochet.
I don’t think there’s anything to do with the competition but I loved the styling they did. All the teen models were wearing cat ear alice bands. Arousing…for me at least.

It was a little disappointing that nothing was representing my work but here is the proof that I’ve made it to the finals. (My name is Yuka Maeda, in case you didn’t know.)

I have some posts with images of the work I’ve done for this competitions so have a look in the
Competitions category
I will probably enter more competitions so let me know if you find ones suitable for me!

04 11 2011

wedding garter

This is the same design as one of the black cat garters I’ve posted before but in white/cream as I’ve been commissioned by my fellow exhibitor at Handmade in Britain, Amma Gyan. She is a jewellery and accessories designer-maker who specialises in leather. I’ve commissioned her to make me a pendant with red leather tassels, very exciting! Have a look at her label “me”

The garter is for her wedding so I’ve made them in white with her name stitched inside in pale blue. I think it’s beautiful and should be produced for sale. Made with 100% silk.

02 11 2011

Christmas ornaments

I am trying to start some workshops at my stockist, Circus, and the next plan is having a Christmas ornament making workshop. They suggested that I make them in my style so here they are, bras and knickers to be hung on your holy Christmas tree! The knickers have the “I will be fine.” embroidery as in the real knickers in my collection. The matching bra and knickers have colourful beads sewn on, just to make it Christmasy. Made with felt, beads, and silk strings.

Get in touch with me or Circus, the next workshop is planned for this Sunday.
Circus 5th Avenue Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR
13:30-16:30, 42 pounds including all materials and afternoon tea
Me: info@minussun.co.uk
Circus: circusbrixton@gmail.com