21 05 2012

crowns and buntings for the Diamond Jubilee

I will be doing a crown&bunting decorating workshop on Sunday 3rd June at Circus, Brixton Village. I heard there will be quite a few things happening on that day, stalls, performance, competition, etc. Come and visit if you are around. Here are the samples I’ve made as examples for the workshop. Both the crown and bunting are made of stiff calico and decorated with embroidery and fabric pen.

The bottom crown is not going to be used for the workshop as this was my first attempt at making a crown but sewing around all edges and turning it inside out took too much time. So, I’ve put my logo stamp all over to keep it as mine. The one on top with raw edges but with two layers to play with is the style I decided to go with for the workshop.

The above were my examples but these are for you to buy (and decorate if you like).
Plain but with red dashed line drawn on the crown and red/white stripy cotton string for the bunting.

02 11 2011

Christmas ornaments

I am trying to start some workshops at my stockist, Circus, and the next plan is having a Christmas ornament making workshop. They suggested that I make them in my style so here they are, bras and knickers to be hung on your holy Christmas tree! The knickers have the “I will be fine.” embroidery as in the real knickers in my collection. The matching bra and knickers have colourful beads sewn on, just to make it Christmasy. Made with felt, beads, and silk strings.

Get in touch with me or Circus, the next workshop is planned for this Sunday.
Circus 5th Avenue Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR
13:30-16:30, 42 pounds including all materials and afternoon tea
Me: info@minussun.co.uk
Circus: circusbrixton@gmail.com

15 09 2011

cuff making workshop

I and Circus are planning an embroidery workshop combined with yummy food from Brixton Village’s independent restaurants/cafes. The first (I’m just saying because I hope there will be more) workshop will be a cuff making workshop! As it is almost autumn, or winter even, it’s going to be felt cuffs. I have made a few samples, one with a cross stitched logo and blanket stitching, and another with random patterns at one edge. I would make them more elaborate but it’s for a workshop which is probably going to be about 3 hours so these are what I could do in 2 hours each!

10 06 2011

Embroidery Samples

I’ve done my first embroidery workshop for beginners. I was quite nervous but it went alright.
They were interested in doing roses so I’ve been asked to do some samples with it for future workshops.
It’s called spider web rose sitch.

16 05 2011

working for workshops

I will be teaching at Tea&Crafting as a embroidery tutor.
They run various handicraft workshops in which you complete one project in a day and go home! I’ll be doing the embroidery workshop once or twice a month. The first image is a template of the basic stitches to be learnt in the beginner class. The others are some samples I’ve made as ideas for the 2 hour workshop.