05 02 2012

trapped embroidery resin cufflinks

I’ve made resin cufflinks again but in a smaller size, red and black.
There are eight designs each to mix and match.
I wonder if there are shirts for women which have French cuffs.



trapped embroidery resin cufflinks — 2 Comments

  1. I’d love to have these cufflinks! How cute!
    I think it’s gonna be nice with my shirt that has cuffs.

    • Hello, happy to know that you’re following my blog!
      I’m glad you like the cufflinks. I wanted to see them on a shirt so I was actually considering making one with French cuffs. My stockist, Circus (5th Avenue, Brixton Village) has them in stock now so have a look if you are around. They are sold for 14pounds a pair. Or, let me know if you want them for sure and I can post them to you as well.
      Thanks for your comment!