30 10 2014

Nurse costume

Happy Halloween. I will show you the retro style Japanese nurse costume I’ve made this year. It is retro because the nurse caps are gone and they mainly wear the dress with trousers underneath these days. It is made with baby pink cotton and cream coloured cotton sateen for the pocket trimmings and covered buttons. It has a stand collar that opens at the front left, down to the waist. There is a welt pocket on the left chest, two lower pockets on the front skirt, and straps around the waist buttoned at the back.

nurse (1)

nurse (2)

nurse (3)

nurse (4)

nurse (5)

25 10 2014

triple star necklace and goodnight brooch

Here are some new trapped embroidery resin jewellery.

The triple star necklace has two discs with embroidered fabric, confetti stars and sequins inside. I like how the red tone and blue tone can be seen in layers.

The goodnight brooch has navy felt(looks more black though) embroidered with silver thread and a gold star shaped sequin on the letter “i”.

triplestar (1)

triplestar (2)

triplestar (3)

triplestar (4)

triplestar (5)

triplestar (6)

goodnightbrooch (1)

goodnightbrooch (2)

goodnightbrooch (3)

16 10 2014

the Smart Girl’s shirt and skirt final ver.

Hello, I’m still alive. I’m currently preparing for Selvedge Winter Fair (31 Oct & 1 Nov). It is my favourite textiles fair with lovely exhibitors and customers and you are very welcome to visit my stall. I try my best to show you my work here but seeing and feeling the actual thing is recommended!

This is my latest creation, the Smart Girl’s final look of “It rained into her room.” collection consisting of a semi-transparent shirt and a pleated skirt. Her clothing is mainly school girl style.

The white cotton shirt has a mini shawl collar and cuffs in light grey blue. The main fabric is textured with lines of irregular width which reminds me of rain. Resin buttons with light blue sequins and beads are placed unevenly to represent a falling raindrop from the pointed angle of the collar. The breast pocket with a grey blue fabric inside and embroidered graduation lines represent a rain gauge.

The pleated skirt is made with cotton drill fabric in grey blue. It opens at the left side with four resin buttons with blue sequins and glitter. Silver dots are embroidered along the hem edge like it’s wet with spray.

I think it looks great with or without the shirt tucked in and can’t decide which should be used for the illustration… (I do fashion illustrations after I make the garments, haha.)

no3rain (16)

no3rain (15)

no3rain (14)

no3rain (11)

no3rain (12)

no3rain (13)

no3rain (17)

no3rain (20)

no3rain (19)

no3rain (18)

no3rain (23)

no3rain (24)

no3rain (22)

no3rain (21)