03 04 2012

Selvedge Spring Fair 2012

I have exhibited at the Selvedge Spring Fair last Saturday. Thank you very much to those who came and are checking my blog now! For those who couldn’t make it to the fair, here are some photos I’ve taken.

This is my stall with jewellery and cards on the shelves, accessories and lingerie on the table, and garments on the clothing rail.

The shelf with jewellry and cards
Can you see my hand stitched price tags?

I have brought my handmade doll with me for display, leaning on the Minus Sun sign.

Greeting cards with photos of my work

accessories and lingerie


This is how it looked inside St. Augustine’s Church Hall.



Selvedge Spring Fair 2012 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Yuka,

    Your work is outstanding – and I especially like your hand crafted price tags – a really neat touch!
    Everything you do has your distinctive personality woven into it and it is consequently richer for this. Well done!

    I wish you every future success; your work is deserving of extremely high praise.


    With warmest wishes,


    • Hi Noel

      Thank you for reading my blog and your kind comment.
      My price tags get noticed quite often but I only give them out when people insist because they are part of my work as well!
      I am in a difficult situation now but I will succeed in the future somehow.
      Let’s see what I will be doing in a few months’ time…

      Kind regards,