18 12 2011

Christmas presents

Here are the sparkly pieces I’ve made for my friends. I thought it would be better to design something different from the things I make for sale so they are limited editions just for them! I like them so much that I felt a bit sad to give them away.  But this applies to all the things I make…  Someone might like my works but I like them even more!

This is a silk linen bow tie with an adjustable velvet ribbon. I thought it should suit my friend’s taste for not too girlie but subtly sweet. Embellished with gold and white beads.

This friend has a crocheted collar of mine already and has asked for a fabric one this time. This one is the same velvet collar as I’ve been making but with extra embroidery. Embellished with grey, blue, yellow, and pink beads and lots of french knots with white silk yarn.

This one is a velvet hairband with a silk crocheted flower. She is a cute friend who can have bows on her hair so it gave me a chance to make my first hairband. I am thinking to make one for myself as well but with massive flowers on both sides of the head like earmuffs. Embellished with beads and sequins in gold and blue.

14 12 2011

minus sun, plus stars

Here are the stars I’ve made as Christmas decorations.
They are really simple, just plastic stones and sequins stitched onto cut out felt.
I don’t have a Christmas tree so they are on my dressmaking doll as a substitute.
One day, I hope to have enough space for lovely unnecessary things, my wish upon a star.

11 12 2011

Selvedge Christmas Fair 2011

I have done Selvedge Christmas Fair on Saturday and here are some images from the lovely event. Thank you very much to those who came to visit the fair and are checking my blog now. I have never been to this area (Highgate/Archway) before but it looked nice with independent shops and cafes. I shall visit again to walk around when I’m not dragging my suitcase with a clothing rail on my back.

I might have had the widest range of products; clothing rail on the right with lots of clothes, accessories on the table and jewellery on the shelf. I’ve made some embroidered felt stars to decorate my table and your Christmas trees. This time I’ve made little cards that describe what the products are as well.

06 12 2011

crocheted rings

I have made some crocheted rings. After quite a few experiments, I’ve finally decided this is it. I like how they look like little crowns, or plasters, or thimbles. One edge is beaded and the other has picot stitches for a lacy effect. I have used sewing thread in silk as I couldn’t find knitting yarns fine enough to make these delicate rings. They are so cute!