28 11 2012

navy velvet collars

Here are some new collars made with cotton velvet in navy colour.

hand embroidered dotted pattern in shiny cotton thread in cream with red/dark pink velvet ribbon

hand embroidered dots along the edge using embroidery ribbon in yellow with black grosgrain ribbon

hand crocheted silk trimmings in cream with black velvet ribbon (lace with holes)

hand crocheted silk trimmings in cream with black velvet ribbon (lace without holes)

17 11 2012

embroidered ties

Here are some embroidered ties made with navy cotton velvet and cream grosgrain ribbons. The length of the ribbon is adjustable with a gold adjuster. A matching gold hook makes it easier to wear. You can wear it like a necklace with a simple collarless top/dress or like a bow tie if worn over a shirt.

With embroidered dots in shiny cotton yarn in cream

With embroidered line of dots in yellow ribbon and sequins

10 10 2012

crocheted wool scarf

I have made some crocheted scarves, chunky but narrow. Two different wool yarns in cream colour are used. A single resin button is attached as the minus sun logo at one corner.

By the way, I have started using Pinterest properly and uploaded many photos. You can see lots of my past work at once. It is probably easier than going through the blog posts. Have a look.
Minus Sun Pinterest

17 06 2012

Circus’s 2nd birthday

Last Friday, my stockist in Brixton Village, Circus, celebrated their second anniversary. Some of the artists who sell their works at Circus have created limited edition works for the occasion. I have used my leftover crowns and buntings from the Diamond Jubilee and used alphabet stamps to change them into Circus items. Also, I have designed/created a new version of the embroidered cuffs I do.

Here is the little section with my works.

This is Circus’s original item, 2nd anniversary jute bags.
I did the “circus” stamps in the shape of “2”, literally in the shop!

I think my buntings&crowns go really well with the jute bags and Circus itself.

And this is the new cuff celebrating their B-day.
It is embroidered “How old are you?” on one side and “Circus xx” on the other side.
I used a scrap of linen fabric I had which resembled cardboard(Circus is a shop made of cardboard) with the stripes and colour. I have made 10 of these, now sold in circus. Hope you like it.

28 03 2012

hair scrunchies

Here are the hair scrunchies I’ve made for the Selvedge Spring Fair coming this Saturday.

linen hair scrunchies with hand crocheted silk trimmings

I have done two types of trimmings

embroidered cotton hair scrunchie
this style has more volume when worn because of the frill

embroidery close up

knotted tie linen hair scrunchie with hand crocheted silk trimmings

close up of the trimming and Minus Sun original resin button
It has my hand written logo on graph paper trapped inside.

23 11 2011


I’ve made some new collars, two using navy velvet and one crocheted.
The velvet collars are lined with navy cotton drill.
There are images of the collars I’d made before here.

This one is embroidered with cotton yarn and beads.
Fastens with cotton grosgrain ribbons in cream colour.

This one has very delicate silk crocheted trimmings.
Fastens with cotton and acetate grosgrain ribbons in grey.

A cotton crocheted collar with cotton grosgrain ribbons.
This cotton yarn is shiny like silk but it’s firm and doesn’t fluff, very good.

15 11 2011

sailor style scarf in velvet

I’ve made the sailor style scarf in navy velvet this time to go with winter coats. The chambray version looked pure and friendly but this one is more elegant and mysterious. I’d wear this by folding it in half and making the edges go through the loop like in the first image, or tie it at the back like in the second image. I like the slanted edges for their subtle ribbon effect. made with 100% cotton

04 11 2011

wedding garter

This is the same design as one of the black cat garters I’ve posted before but in white/cream as I’ve been commissioned by my fellow exhibitor at Handmade in Britain, Amma Gyan. She is a jewellery and accessories designer-maker who specialises in leather. I’ve commissioned her to make me a pendant with red leather tassels, very exciting! Have a look at her label “me”

The garter is for her wedding so I’ve made them in white with her name stitched inside in pale blue. I think it’s beautiful and should be produced for sale. Made with 100% silk.

26 10 2011

sailor style scarf

This is my latest work, a sailor style scarf.
I’m always fascinated by school girls and their uniforms and this combination of blue fabric and white lines remind me of the collar of my sailor style school uniform. The slanted edges remind me of the big pre-made bow tie I wore with it as well. Made with chambray cotton and crocheted cotton trimmings.

23 10 2011


I heard collars are “in” this season so I’ve made some. But I actually like them as an item and have made a crocheted one for myself before and I wear it once in a while. I think these will look good with a simple top, shirt or a dress. I saw one little boy(or a girl, I couldn’t tell) try on at Renegade Craft Fair(well, his/her mum put it on the child) one of the pale green ones and it looked amazingly cute! So I know they can be worn by kids as well.

crocheted collars made of cotton yarn and cotton ribbons

the top one, embroidered collar made of silk/linen fabric and beads
the bottom two, same fabric with crocheted silk trimmings

embroidered collars made of black silk
the top one with beads
the middle one with sequins, beads, and ribbon embroidery
the bottom one with silk yarn embroidery and cotton ribbon