15 02 2013

the Solitary Girl’s dress final ver.

Here it is, finally. This is the dress for the Solitary Girl of “minus the sun, night all day” collection. The bodice, neckline, and cuffs are made with silk linen fabric in pastel emerald green. The sleeves and the triangle bit at the neck are made with cotton fabric in a similar colour. The crocheted hood and cuffs are made with cotton in off-white. The draw string at the hem is grosgrain ribbon in cream colour. Have a look at the calico version as well.

The crocheted hood is lacy with holes and has a scalloped edge.
Stars are like holes in the sky.

The hood is detachable, using buttons.

the neckline detail

the pocket detail
The hole is representing a lonely star, just like the girl who likes to be alone.

the bottons inside the neckline to attach the hood

the crocheted hood, soft and pretty

the triangle detail and the crocheted cuff with a thumbhole

the draw string hem and the grosgrain ribbon


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