19 01 2011

Visualised Perfume

My concept was to represent perfumes in forms of garments, lingerie to be specific since perfumes are worn directly on the skin, just like lingerie. I have focused on the aspect of perfumes being consisted of three classes of notes; top, middle, and base. They are represented as layers of thin fabrics, each embellished separately to represent each note. The outcome is a lingerie set which is a direct interpretation of the perfumes’ compositions.
I have chosen silk chiffon in white for the fabric since it has the transparency to show the embroidery on all three layers. It is also a good background for the embroidery in various colours. I have used bondaweb on the edges to prevent fraying instead of double-fold or binding to avoid bulkiness. The perfume example for the final piece, “Promesse” by cacharel is consisted of the following scents.
Top notes: bergamot, mandarin
Middle notes: jasmine sambac, orchid, blackberry
Base notes: amber, musk, cedar, sandalwood

Both of the cups have a tiny bead-button to hold the three layers onto the lining. It is possible to undo the button and flip each layer to see the embroidery representing the different notes.

First layer: the top note

Second layer: the middle note
jasmine sambac, orchid, blackberry

Third layer: the base note
amber, musk, cedar, sandalwood

The back fastening, an embroidered covered button

French knickers

Knickers’ hem close-up

Bra close-up