23 10 2011


I heard collars are “in” this season so I’ve made some. But I actually like them as an item and have made a crocheted one for myself before and I wear it once in a while. I think these will look good with a simple top, shirt or a dress. I saw one little boy(or a girl, I couldn’t tell) try on at Renegade Craft Fair(well, his/her mum put it on the child) one of the pale green ones and it looked amazingly cute! So I know they can be worn by kids as well.

crocheted collars made of cotton yarn and cotton ribbons

the top one, embroidered collar made of silk/linen fabric and beads
the bottom two, same fabric with crocheted silk trimmings

embroidered collars made of black silk
the top one with beads
the middle one with sequins, beads, and ribbon embroidery
the bottom one with silk yarn embroidery and cotton ribbon