15 10 2011

The Suicidal Girl’s bracelet

So, here are the wrap bracelets inspired by bandage for No.1 The Suicidal Girl, a character from my story “YOU’RE ALL MINE (YOU’RE ALL IN ME). The idea is that she wears it to protect her from harming herself but you don’t have to know this if you are a cheerful person who just likes a nice bracelet. The hand crocheted lace is made of viscose and the ribbon is a cotton and acetate mix. The fastening is hook but no eye. You hook the hook onto any of the lace holes just like you hook the little metal thing to fasten your bandage.(or is it not like that any more?)

This is the original double wrap design.

And this is the more affordable single wrap version.

Above is the double one, below is the single one.
The double one is long enough to wear it as a choker as well.