10 09 2010

the work

With photos and short films of the pieces I’ve made
(dresses, lingerie, socks, accessories)

stitch samples

button samples

favourite images

10 09 2010

final line-up portfolio

Here is the synopsys of the story I have written for this project.
The full story is here.

No.0 is a 17-year-old girl who has been 17 for almost 7 years. She has 9 friends, who are numbered No.1~No.9. They have been living together for a long time. Though they look so much alike, No.0 makes clothes for them according to their unique personalities. Every day, she enjoys dressing the girls in the morning and undressing them at night.
However, strange things start to happen when she decides to become 24 on her next birthday. One by one, her friends go missing until only No.0 herself is left. When she turns 24, she discovers the hopeless truth that her best friends didn’t exist after all and all of them were her split personalities which became her imaginary friends in her refusal to grow up.
This collection represents the clothes No.0 makes for the other girls, using all her time and energy. The labouriously handmade pieces shows the feeling she has for them.
in the line-up
– No.0 the Controlling Girl
– No.6 the Dreamy Girl
– No.8 the Passive Girl
– No.9 the Solitary Girl