20 09 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Friday 17th September 2010
It was the big day for my MA Fashion course at Kingston University.
I have chosen to be part of the exhibition because of my poor hand, suffering from tendonitis, wasn’t sure if it can produce enough garments for a catwalk. I decided to tell myself that an exhibition is more suitable anyway considering the detailed nature of my work requiring time to observe.

I represented a girl’s bedroom in my exhibition space since “the girl” has always been my theme, the girl of my dreams, to be accurate.

The final garments are neatly folded and displayed in a glass cabinet with lighting with a crocheted lampshade.

On the bed, I have displayed all the fabric books I have made during the course. People have enjoyed looking at the books or even playing with the dress-up book. The cross-stitch on the duvet reads “Will I be fine? Tell me.”

The duvet cover and the pillow cases have crocheted trimmings and crochet covered buttons. The cross-stitch on the top pillow reads “HOPE” and the bottom one reads “LESS”. I left a set of lingerie on the bed to emphasisee the absence(or the existence) of the girl.

On the bedside table, I put the digital photo frame with a crocheted cover playing the video I’ve made.