03 09 2019

Large Messenger Bag

I’ve been wanting to make a simple messenger bag for myself for small walks but I’ve been putting it off to do other projects. But recently, my sidekick has broken a collar bone and he can’t move one of the arms for a while. It seemed like a good time to make one for him before I make my own. This one is pretty big since it wants to hold a lunch box horizontally and a water bottle at least.

I’ve used cotton drill fabric in greyish blue as the main fabric and cotton fabric in pale smokey blue as the lining fabric. I’ve added one large pocket on the outside under the flap, another large pocket inside, and a small zip pocket inside as well. I used the lining fabric to add piping to the flap. I didn’t have a strap adjuster at home so I skipped it since I knew who would be using it and could measure approximately how long it should be.

You might think you mostly do things using just one hand, but actually, you need the other hand to hold the object very often. For example, How are you going to get things out of your tote bag with one hand when you’re walking/standing? You would need to put your bag down somewhere… Anyway, I hope this messenger bag will be useful! It took me about 2 days to make the pattern and sew it up so it was a simple project. I will be looking forward to making mine one day.