12 11 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards ceremony

I had been shortlisted for the Unique Design category (there are five in total) months ago and I’ve finally found out the result this week. So, I didn’t win, nor was I selcted for the exhibition… But that doesn’t make me a loser as I am still one of the 45 finalists out of more than 2000 entries! The ceremony was held last Thursday evening at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf. I also went there the following day to see the exhibition but there were no actual works, just some images and video clips so the ceremony which had models dressed in the selected garments was more exciting for sure.

an article about the ceremony on Glam UK

We all sat on these big wooden spools.

There were about 10 garments on models but I think this one is my favourite as it uses crochet.
I don’t think there’s anything to do with the competition but I loved the styling they did. All the teen models were wearing cat ear alice bands. Arousing…for me at least.

It was a little disappointing that nothing was representing my work but here is the proof that I’ve made it to the finals. (My name is Yuka Maeda, in case you didn’t know.)

I have some posts with images of the work I’ve done for this competitions so have a look in the
Competitions category
I will probably enter more competitions so let me know if you find ones suitable for me!

05 09 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards finals

My entry to Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest was unsuccessful… However, I’ve submitted my work for the finals of Fashioning the Future Awards. This is how I packed all the garments with my handmade hangers, the research folder, the portfolio pages, and the fabric sample book into the canvas box bag I’ve made.  The results will come out in November so I’ll just simply forget about this until then.

I’ve made an extra garment so here are some images with the details.
This one is called the Crochet Diagram dress.
starting the crochet from the fabric edge

embroidering the diagram of the adjacent crochet stitch to the fabric section

Each of the crochet border is crocheted in different crochet stitches:
double, half treble, treble, and double treble

Crochet Diagram Dress front

Crochet Diagram Dress back

And here are the rest of the garments which I’ve made before.
Tailor Dress front

Tailor Dress back

Smocking Process Top front

Smocking Process Top back

Smocking Diagram Skirt front

Smocking Diagram Skirt back

Time Capsule Dress front

Time Capsule Dress back

31 07 2011

Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest

There are one bad and one good news with my competition attacks. The bad news is that my Hand&Lock embroidery competition entry didn’t go to the final round…But the good news is, my Fashioning the Future awards entry has been shortlisted for the finals! I originally thought that I failed in this one as well but it seems like it was just a delay in the judging process. I will have to submit the actual work by the end of August so I’m going to make some more garments. Wish me luck.

So, here it goes again.
This is for Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest held by the International Quilt Festival and Selvedge magazine. I’ve entered into the art quilt category(there are doll&quilt category and traditional quilt category as well). My quilt becomes a functional chess set when flat. The chess pieces made of yo-yo quilts are able to be inserted into the squares to become part of the quilt when not in use.

burning half of the squares to make them dark

Each square is embroidered with the code of its board position.

When attached together like this, each square has triangle pockets at the corners so you can insert the round chess pieces.

finished chess board

making the chess pieces with beads and sequins

the complete chess set

chess game in action

Each side of the players has a wide pocket where they can place the pieces they’ve taken.

And I almost forgot that it’s supposed to be a doll quilt and bed…

chess clock for the pillow

04 07 2011

Hand&Lock embroidery

I’ve submitted my images for the 1st round of Hand&Lock Embroidery competition.
Seems like my Fashioning the Future Awards application didn’t go through the 1st round so wish me luck for this one! The concept is a marine themed burlesque costume.

I’ve used sequins and beads properly for the first time.
Starfish on the bra and a shell on the knickers.

Of course, there are some thread embroidery and ribbon embroidery as well.

The bottom section is my favourite and was the most time consuming part.
I’ve done three rows of different smocking and also embroidered sequins and beads inside the pleats. I’ve used a tambour hook(used for couture embroidery) for the first time to do the sequined edges.

The hem of the ribbons of the bra is also embellished representing the sea.

10 06 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards finished garments

I’ve finished making 2 additional garments of ZERO project and I’ve done photoshoots with my friend as a model. I’ve submitted my statement and images for Round1 so fingers crossed…

The tailor dress
fully embroidered in a pattern paper pattern

pockets for storing snips and fabric scissors

There is a needle case as well.

The time capsule dress

embroidered “Dear 2025” at the front

and “From 2010” at the back

It even has a thread and needle motif postage stamp applique.

The smocking process cami-top and the smocking diagram skirt
Shows the process of smocking, 1,2,3,4,5

At the back it’s stitched WS(wrong side) and RS(right side) to tell you which side of the fabric we’re dealing with.

the finished smocking above the hem of the skirt

embroidered arrow on the covered button pointing at the smocking diagram embroidered on the pleats of the skirt so you’ll know how to do the stitch!

24 05 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards

I’ve been working on my ZERO project(it was one of my MA projects) to submit to The Fashioning the Future Awards. This competition’s focus is on sustainability so I thought my ZERO project should fit well. You can check my ZERO project for the designs and more samples. Here are some images of new garments in process of making. I have made two new looks so I will post photos of the completed garments after I do a photo shoot!

smocking (surface honeycomb stitch)

embroidery on a covered button

hand sewn button hole

smocking (chain stitch)