05 09 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards finals

My entry to Sleep Tight: doll quilts and beds contest was unsuccessful… However, I’ve submitted my work for the finals of Fashioning the Future Awards. This is how I packed all the garments with my handmade hangers, the research folder, the portfolio pages, and the fabric sample book into the canvas box bag I’ve made.  The results will come out in November so I’ll just simply forget about this until then.

I’ve made an extra garment so here are some images with the details.
This one is called the Crochet Diagram dress.
starting the crochet from the fabric edge

embroidering the diagram of the adjacent crochet stitch to the fabric section

Each of the crochet border is crocheted in different crochet stitches:
double, half treble, treble, and double treble

Crochet Diagram Dress front

Crochet Diagram Dress back

And here are the rest of the garments which I’ve made before.
Tailor Dress front

Tailor Dress back

Smocking Process Top front

Smocking Process Top back

Smocking Diagram Skirt front

Smocking Diagram Skirt back

Time Capsule Dress front

Time Capsule Dress back