27 07 2011

Limited prints

Jewellery pieces, illustration cards, postcards, and these A3 limited prints will continue to be sold at Circus. They will be limited to 10 copies each. They are signed and have handwritten garment descriptions. Stamped with logo and the date at the back of the mount board.
No.0 the Controlling Girl

No.1 the Suicidal Girl

No.2 the Sensuous Girl

No. 3 the Smart Girl

No.4 the Cultured Girl

No. 5 the Self-Conscious Girl

No.6 the Dreamy Girl

No.7 the Amusing Girl

No.8 the Passive Girl

No.9 the Solitary Girl

logo stamp and made-on date stamp

27 07 2011

more jewellery

At Circus, I’ve been selling rings, bracelets, brooches, and buttons since June but I’ve started doing cuff links and necklaces from this month as well. I will take some hair slides and earrings this week to the shop and see if they’d like it.

I’ve started using glue gun to attach the brooch base. I think it looks nicer.

the necklaces
made of plastic silver beads and silk thread
the two shop ladies at Circus liked it and each of them has one

cuff links
They told me there was someone wanting cuff links so here they are.
I had no idea how they are used but now I know because I learnt it from a youtube video.

hair slides
I’ve made some and been wearing them myself since I don’t see people wearing hair slides and thought they won’t sell. However, a few people mentioned that they would have them so they will go to the shop as well!

I personally don’t wear them because I think piercing ears is painful and don’t want holes on my ears(or anywhere else) but the fact is, most women have piercings so here they go.

27 07 2011

cotton shoppers

Here are some photos of the cotton shoppers I’ve made for Circus.

three small shoppers with stitched pockets or corners
all with one of my trapped embroidery resin buttons

the big shopper with a stitched pocket

embroidered on the pocket is the date I’ve made it

it even has a pouch for a mobile phone

27 07 2011

End of Exhibition

Minus Sun launch exhibition has ended on Sunday.
Thank you very much to everyone who came.
I’ve received lots of positive comments and felt very happy to have my own shop(almost).

customised hangers I’ve made for the exhibit

stitched and stamped paper bags for jewellery items