10 06 2011

Fashioning the Future Awards finished garments

I’ve finished making 2 additional garments of ZERO project and I’ve done photoshoots with my friend as a model. I’ve submitted my statement and images for Round1 so fingers crossed…

The tailor dress
fully embroidered in a pattern paper pattern

pockets for storing snips and fabric scissors

There is a needle case as well.

The time capsule dress

embroidered “Dear 2025” at the front

and “From 2010” at the back

It even has a thread and needle motif postage stamp applique.

The smocking process cami-top and the smocking diagram skirt
Shows the process of smocking, 1,2,3,4,5

At the back it’s stitched WS(wrong side) and RS(right side) to tell you which side of the fabric we’re dealing with.

the finished smocking above the hem of the skirt

embroidered arrow on the covered button pointing at the smocking diagram embroidered on the pleats of the skirt so you’ll know how to do the stitch!

10 06 2011

Embroidery Samples

I’ve done my first embroidery workshop for beginners. I was quite nervous but it went alright.
They were interested in doing roses so I’ve been asked to do some samples with it for future workshops.
It’s called spider web rose sitch.

10 06 2011

Presents for my friend

Here are some little things I’ve made for my friend’s birthday.

A pin cushion with crocheted ripped fabric base and an embroidered top

A crocheted brooch with embroidery and beads.