30 03 2016

commissioned calico dress

Here is a commissioned dress I’ve just finished making. It is a simple pinafore dress with hand drawn dotted lines in black along the facing seam and the two front pockets. There are two holes along the neckline, one on the front and the other on the back. There is a horizontal seam in the skirt section dividing the dress as well as the pockets. I had the idea of using two different fabrics when I made this detail and I will probably make one soon.

Does this dress look familiar? It is almost the same as the Cultured Girl’s dress of “It rained into her room.” collection but without the red lines on the pockets and with the hole details around the neck of the Cultured Girl’s dress of “minus the sun, night all day” collection.

ana (1)

ana (2)

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21 03 2016

Contemporary Textiles Fair 2016

I have been exhibiting at Contemporary Textiles Fair at Landmark Arts Centre last weekend. Thank you for those who visited my stand. It was nice to meet new and old customers and other exhibitors including a coursemate from uni! Here are some images from the fair if you’ve missed it.

landmark_arts (10)

landmark_arts (16)

landmark_arts (13)

landmark_arts (12)

landmark_arts (14)

landmark_arts (17)

landmark_arts (11)

landmark_arts (15)

14 01 2016

Alice dress with apron and petticoat

Here is the Alice outfit complete with an apron and a petticoat, all handmade. I’ve made some adjustments to the dress; bigger collar, changing seams of the bodice, higher waist. Made with 100% silk taffeta in light blue. The adjustments I’ve made to the apron is making it double layered, eliminating the binding, making the back straps narrower, and the waist ribbon wider. Made with 100% cotton in white with dotted pattern in the weave. The petticoat is a gathered full circle skirt made with 100% dotted Swiss fabric (a sheer cotton fabric that is embellished with small dots) with bought cotton lace trimmings. I did a little photo shoot using the amazing Alice in Wonderland pop-up book by Robert Sabuda.

alice (17)

alice (13)

alice (14)

alice (15)

alice (16)

alice (31)

alice (32)

alice (33)

alice (18)

alice (19)

alice (21)

alice (22)

alice (20)

alice (23)

alice (24)

alice (25)

alice (26)

alice (27)

alice (28)

alice (29)


08 01 2016

Alice dress prototype

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ll keep following what I’m up to this year as well. Here is a sample dress I have made for last year’s Halloween. My friend was throwing a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party around that season and she suggested that I be Alice. So here it is, my Alice dress mainly inspired by the original illustrations by John Tenniel.

Since it is only a sample, I have made it out of left over fabrics at home, cream coloured down proof cotton and light weight navy cotton. The body is quite fitted with covered buttons at the back with button loops to fasten. The mini round collar has angles at the back. The sleeves are puff sleeves but kept minimal with narrow bias binding. The skirt has gathers at the front and more gathers at the back to give volume but the sides are pleated to keep the volume down. There are horizontal pleats near the hem of the skirt. Basically, I tried to find the right balance of cute as I didn’t want it to be too costume-like.

alice (1)

alice (2)

alice (3)

alice (4)

alice (6)

alice (5)

alice (7)

alice (8)

And this is the sample of the apron made with calico which is going to be worn over the dress. It slightly covers the shoulders and the straps from the shoulder and the waist is joined near the centre back to be tied in a bow. There are two mini pockets on the skirt and pleated trimmings at the hem.

alice (9)

alice (12)

alice (11)

alice (10)